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8 travel experiences you can’t miss in Phong Nha

The Travel praised Vietnam’s Phong Nha as an ideal destination with unspoiled beauty, magnificent caves and rich local culinary culture.

The world famous travel site The Travel describes Phong Nha as one of the destinations not to be missed for international tourists when coming to Vietnam.

Here are the experiences that The Travel considers extremely memorable when setting foot in the ‘land of caves’.

1. Hiking

vuon quoc gia phong nha ke bang 2 1039
Hiking in Phong Nha will bring visitors a very different experience

Although hiking is not a new experience, when coming to Phong Nha everything becomes special in many different ways. Unlike in typical terrain, where hiking activities usually take place in 2 to 3 hours, in Phong Nha visitors can walk all day. Even, the time can last more than a day, depending on the fitness as well as the curiosity of the participants. Hiking is a great opportunity for visitors to discover the mysterious natural ‘treasures’ of this land. From caves to dense forests and wildlife, Phong Nha is teeming with life, making the hiker’s experience extremely worthwhile.

2. Camping

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Camping among the magnificent caves is something that no tourist wants to miss when coming to Phong Nha

Camping is a great opportunity for visitors to both relax after a long walk and discover more about Phong Nha and the surrounding area.

Imagine the feeling of dining in a tent in the middle of a cave, you will feel the soothing sound of the rivers flowing through the cliffs. The campfire also provides warmth when the temperature gradually drops at night. The peace when camping in Phong Nha will make visitors unforgettable.

3. Bird watching

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Phong Nha is the land of countless rare bird species in the world

Watching birds fly is one of the great experiences in Phong Nha. From striped pigeons to different species of babblers, Phong Nha is home to countless bird species that visitors cannot find anywhere else in the world.

4. Cave tour

Besides dense tropical forests, diverse wildlife, endless rivers, Phong Nha seems to be most famous for its top-notch caves. Every year, this place attracts millions of tourists to explore the caves, in which it is impossible not to mention Son Doong, the largest cave in the world.

5. Feed the ducks

duckstop 1042
Feeding ducks is an activity that brings a lot of joy to visitors

Surely many visitors will be extremely surprised with this unique experience. However, feeding ducks certainly contains many unexpected interesting things. These adorable animals with funny sounds are found in abundance in Phong Nha.

6. Walking on the boat

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Walking on the boat is a good opportunity to immerse yourself in nature here

Phong Nha is considered an ideal destination for tourists to spend time on simple boats, enjoy a peaceful time watching the surrounding natural scenery.

7. Discover the vegetation

mooc spring phong nha stream 1044
The rich and diverse vegetation of Phong Nha

As one of the largest national parks in Vietnam, Phong Nha – Ke Bang is home to a multitude of diverse plant species. Through hands-on experiences, visitors will surely know more about special plant species, bringing ‘endless green’ to this land.

8. Enjoy local cuisine

kinh nghiem du lich phong nha ke bang 1045
The local dishes are simple, rustic but extremely delicious

The last experience but rated by The Travel as the most impressive for visitors when coming to Phong Nha is enjoying local dishes. Asia has always been known as the ‘continent of cuisine’ and Phong Nha is no exception. The dishes here are simple and rustic, but the taste will definitely make visitors remember forever.

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