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Agribank continues to warn against customer fraud

Impersonating a bank employee: Subjects pretending to be bank employees contact customers, introduce attractive loan packages or provide cash withdrawal services from credit cards/support installment payments or increase credit card limits and request the client transfers a filing fee, thereby appropriating the client’s funds.

Fake bank brand message (SMS Brandname): Scammers send SMS messages with fake bank’s brand announcing unusual transactions with fake links to trick customers into entering security information, OTP codes to appropriate money in their accounts.

Impersonating a telecommunications network employee: Objects impersonating a carrier employee contact and offer to support upgrading SIM to 4G. Customers who follow the instructions will have control over the phone sim, then steal security information, get the OTP code to perform transactions to appropriate money.

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Fraudulent buying and selling on e-commerce floors: Contacts via Zalo, phone messages impersonating employees of Shopee, Lazada, Tiki… recruit collaborators, guide ordering virtual orders to receive commissions and ask collaborators to transfer money in advance, from that takes the victim’s money.

Impersonating a texting relative: Objects creating fake accounts or hijacking users’ social network accounts; then message friends to ask for payment, buy a phone card, or transfer money to a number of bank accounts that the subjects have prepared in advance to appropriate money.

AGRIBANK recommends customers:

1. Only log in and use Agribank’s digital banking services (Agribank E-Mobile Banking application, Agribank Internet Banking at the single link: to perform online banking transactions.

2. Never give a double-sided picture of your bank card/citizen ID/identity document to anyone via facebook/zalo/viber… and other social media platforms for any purpose.

3. AGRIBANK never asks customers to transfer money to a credit support officer. All fees will be automatically collected on the Client’s account or collected at the counter.

4. Do not provide account information, passwords, OTP codes to anyone and Do not enter this information on strange links sent via SMS, facebook, zalo…

5. Make a phone call to re-authenticate with your loved one when you receive a message via Zalo/Facebook… by buying a phone card or by wire transfer due to an urgent need for money.

6. Beware of attractive offers, make money/borrow money simply and quickly.

7. In case you have clicked on the link and disclosed information, please take the initiative to immediately take measures to block emergency number banking services or call the hotline 1900558818 – 024.32053205 or transaction points (within office hours) for service lock assistance. At the same time, conduct reports of spam messages and fraudulent messages to the number 5656 or the website managed by the Information Security Department (Ministry of Information and Communications) according to the instructions (see instructions). here)

8. Regularly monitor news, warnings, and strictly follow the safe transaction principles that are continuously updated by Agribank on Agribank’s website in the “Agribank Announcement” section and on Agribank’s official Fanpage at address:

Thuy Le (Agribank continues to warn against customer fraud)

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