Ao Dai and Hanbok WEDDING BOOK

Wedding Hanbok, beauty from Korean wedding culture

Wishing to satisfy young couples who are looking for differences and breakthroughs in their wedding album, WEDDINGBOOK has brought the wedding Hanbok – a beauty in Korean culture to Vietnam and innovated it according to its own features.

This wedding Hanbok collection has 3 different styles of traditional Korean wedding dresses: Hwarot – Innovative Hanbok – Hanbok suit suitable for each couple’s different needs and preferences.

Ao Dai and Hanbok WEDDING BOOK - Different highlights for the wedding day - 1

Design inspired by the royal Hwarot.

Hwarot – the wedding Hanbok of Korean aristocrats

The first is the Hwarot passed down from the Unified Silla era. During the Goryeo and Joseon dynasties, only those belonging to the royal family were worn for important ceremonial occasions. This design by WEDDINGBOOK retains traditional royal hand-embroidered details and creates an innovative highlight by using fashionable pastel fabrics and is a popular trend these days.

Ao Dai and Hanbok WEDDING BOOK - Different highlights for the wedding day - 2

Wedding Hanbok with high quality materials.

Innovative female hanbok for the bride

Although still carrying the traditional breath, these Hanbok models are designed by WEDDINGBOOK’s design team using high-class floral printed chiffon and innovative pleated skirts to bring a youthful image, more suitable for women. Vietnamese bride.

Ao Dai and Hanbok WEDDING BOOK - Different highlights for the wedding day - 3

Modern innovative female Hanbok model at WEDDINGBOOK.

Hanbok suit – when modernity and tradition meet

Finally, there are Hanbok suits from Rieul – one of the most sought-after Hanbok brands in Korea.

In particular, the design was worn by BTS during the Jimmy Fallon Show performance at Gyeongbokgung Palace in April. This Hanbok model is a unique combination of suit and ancient Hanbok motifs. This style is a suggestion that fashion-loving couples should refer to for their wedding album.

Ao Dai and Hanbok WEDDING BOOK - Different highlights for the wedding day - 4

Unique Hanbok suit once worn by BTS.

Diversity in the collection of wedding dresses WEDDINGBOOK

Keeping up with today’s fashion and aesthetic trends, the designs in the wedding dress collection at WEDDINGBOOK not only retain the quintessence of Vietnamese culture but also break the way with unique lines, highlighting Turn on the beauty of the bride and groom on the big day.

There are a total of 25 dresses in different styles for the bride and groom and the bride. In addition to traditional patterns such as lotus, phoenix…, WEDDINGBOOK wedding dress was innovated when adding unique embroidery details such as lily of the valley floating on pastel, youthful blue-gray fabric.

Ao Dai and Hanbok WEDDING BOOK - Different highlights for the wedding day - 5

WEDDINGBOOK wedding dress design.

More specifically, besides the above basic wedding dress, WEDDINGBOOK will continue to launch a high-class Luxe Ao Dai collection in the near future, promising to bring a different perspective to the wedding dress. traditional.

The first WEDDINGBOOK wedding dress collection will be displayed at the event WEDDINGBOOK x SAMSUNG: Special Collaboration – Start a new journey with you on May 21-22, 2022 with exclusive offers. for the wedding dress line.

Register for the event here:

WEDDINGBOOK Monthly Wedding Event

The event will be held at WEDDINGBOOK studio: 583 Su Van Hanh, District 10, HCMC

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