Apple will consider increasing the number of domestic suppliers in Vietnam

On the afternoon of May 17, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh visited and worked with Intel, Apple and Google corporations, the world’s leading technology corporations based in Silicon Valley, California, USA.

Talking to Apple CEO Tim Cook, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh affirmed that Vietnam always considers economic, trade, investment and financial cooperation as the focus and important driving force for the development of the country. promote the Comprehensive Partnership between the two countries.

CEO Tim Cook: Apple will consider increasing the number of domestic suppliers in Vietnam - Photo 1.

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh visits and works with Intel Corporation. Photo: VGP/Nhat Bac

The Vietnamese government is committed to continuing to create a fair, transparent, and market-based business environment, creating maximum conditions for US businesses and investors to increase operations in Vietnam, especially especially in areas of both economic and strategic significance.

The Prime Minister assessed that Apple products have become very popular in the world, including Vietnam; Vietnamese people of all ages, especially in urban areas, are very fond of Apple technology products. With the global digital economy growing strongly, it is certain that Apple products will be more and more interested.

The Prime Minister expressed his delight at the fact that Vietnam is moving deeper into the global supply chain, including the assembly of some Apple devices. The Prime Minister proposed that Apple Corporation focus on investing in developing business activities in Vietnam, bringing Apple products to a wide range of customer segments, and Vietnam will become one of the typical markets. of Apple in the Asia region.

Mr. Tim Cook thanked the Vietnamese Government for creating favorable conditions for Apple to do business in Vietnam, participating more and more deeply in the Vietnamese market in recent years. Apple wishes to expand the supply chain in the Vietnamese market, coordinating with Vietnamese businesses that have the conditions and standards to participate in Apple’s value chain.

Mr. Tim Cook affirmed that he would actively consider the Prime Minister’s proposal on increasing the number of domestic suppliers and raising the rate of using domestic services and goods higher in Apple products in the near future. next time. Apple hopes that the Vietnamese Government will continue to have preferential policies to encourage US high-tech enterprises to develop business and invest in Vietnam.

CEO Tim Cook: Apple will consider increasing the number of domestic suppliers in Vietnam - Photo 2.

Google CEO – Peter Norvig welcomes the Prime Minister to visit Google headquarters. Photo: VGP/Nhat Bac

Vietnam is a very potential place for technology businesses to expand operations

At the meeting, Executive Vice President of Intel’s Global Supply Chain and Manufacturing Division, Mr. Keyvan Esfarjani, emphasized the very important role of Vietnam in Intel’s production chain, as well as the role of Vietnamese factories. Male. Intel Vietnam has won the highest award for corporate quality in 2021, which is a testament to the quality of human resources and the importance of the Intel Vietnam factory to the Group.

Leaders of the Group shared about the big strategies and plans in the coming time. Intel highly appreciates Vietnam’s infrastructure, human resources, etc., and evaluates Vietnam as a very potential place for technology businesses to continue to expand their operations.

The group believes that the demand for semiconductor products will be huge as the world develops new technologies associated with big data. In the context of the current volatile world, Intel wants to harmonize supply by expanding investment in many places.

The Prime Minister congratulated Intel on the results of operations in the world and in Vietnam, overcoming difficulties caused by the pandemic in 2021; thank Intel for trusting investment in Vietnam, appreciating the positive contributions to the economy, export activities, jobs for workers and development of the domestic supply chain; expect Intel to expand investment more in localities outside Ho Chi Minh City. Based on the relationship between Vietnam and the US, the Prime Minister believes that Intel’s investment in Vietnam is a smart choice.

Emphasizing the spirit of harmonizing benefits and sharing risks, the Prime Minister affirmed that the Vietnamese side will seriously consider Intel’s proposals on the basis of being appropriate to the situation and balancing with other investors. The Prime Minister wished the group more success in terms of business efficiency and social responsibility at the places where it operates, and together with Vietnam contribute to technology transformation, digital transformation, and diversification of the global supply chain.

Meanwhile, at the meeting, the Prime Minister also highly appreciated Google’s cooperation activities with the Vietnamese side over the past time, welcomed Google’s new cooperation plans in Vietnam, in the context that Vietnam is progressing. comprehensive digital transformation and identify this as a key field in industrialization and modernization of the country.

The Prime Minister proposed that Google continue to support Vietnam in this field, promote digital transformation support programs for Vietnamese businesses, thereby contributing to the process of building a digital government, digital economy and digital economy. Vietnam’s digital society.

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