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Asia’s Super Rich Program

What’s more interesting, luxurious and grandiose than the parties, lavishly displaying the brands of the super-rich? Thanks to quickly grasping the psychology of the audience who always want to enjoy the “all hands” lifestyle of the super rich, Netflix has continued to release season 2 of the series. Bling Empire (ostentatious empire) – the show follows the successful and wealthy Asian class living in Los Angeles.

Besides the dramatic and diverse dramas America’s Next Top Model nice Keeping Up With The KardashiansBling Empire brings to the audience a hearty fashion party with all the criteria: flashy, ostentatious and “crazy” for the smell of money.

Kim Lee

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Vietnamese-born female DJ Kim Lee is the star of interest in this reality show. At the age of 18, Kim Lee started performing in shows of Emanuel Ungaro and Martin Grant in Paris. A year later, she catwalked at New York Fashion Week for Marc Jacobs and Cynthia Steffe. The beauty that once strode on the runway of Calvin Klein, Alexander Wang, Vivienne Tam…

The show about Asia's super-rich: Wearing branded clothes 24/24, from old to young all want to show their class - Photo 2.

With a hot “hourglass” body, this self-made millionaire loves designs that celebrate great body beauty

Besides catsuits or bras showing off her curves, she especially loves evening dresses that show “burning” lingerie.

Mimi Morris

Female millionaire Mimi Morris is known as a “brand lover” with her favorite brand, Dolce&Gabbana. And it is because of that passion that many of her clothes, shoes, and accessories come from Italian brands.

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She once attracted attention when buying a series of expensive clothes for her son. For example, the outfit on D&G’s website costs about 8.5 million VND. Of course, that’s not the only time he’s been hit with a brand name

Christine Chiu

Fashion passion of female tycoon Christine Chiu for haute couture. In addition to the bold and messy outfits to see that they are not popular goods, she also loves the elegant style.

Anna Shay

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“The older the ginger, the spicier it is”, despite her age, Anna Shay still shows a playfulness that makes her juniors abstain. She has a strong love for diamonds, and every time she buys, she has to buy the biggest, most beautiful, and most expensive diamonds.

Kane Lim

Despite being criticized for being cheesy, Kane Lim – the son of one of Singapore’s richest billionaires, often “inlaid” a series of designs by Moschino, Versace, … as well as collecting all kinds of sneakers, fancy colorful loafer

Jaime Xia

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Jaime Xie is the daughter of Ken Xie (Chinese name is Ta Thanh), a Chinese-American billionaire businessman. She is currently an influencer in the fashion industry and a digital content creator, having appeared in more than 30 leading magazines and participating in dozens of fashion shows in Milan (Italy), Paris (France) and New York. (America)

As a lady with a gift for fashion, she is not only sensitive to new trends but also has a strong team to build her image.

Kelly Mi Li

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Possessing an estimated fortune of several hundred thousand billion dong, but Kelly Mi Li is the tycoon with the simplest style in Bling Empire.

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Instead of wearing flashy dresses or full of high-end brand logos, Kelly especially likes the tight design, showing off her full chest and fiery bust.

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