Bao Thy speaks out against rumors of retirement

“Everyone, the girl in the picture never said she would retire! It’s just that after getting married and having a baby, Thy needs to focus on taking care of her small family more, but her passion is not. So that the audience won’t forget me, I’m sure from time to time Thy will still choose the right programs and gameshows to appear, release new songs, shoot MVs, not because of awards or competition with anyone. are gifts to show gratitude to the audience and dear FC – those who, no matter what turn you take in life, still love and support you unconditionally.” – Bao Thy wrote.

In addition, the female singer also revealed about upcoming artistic activities: “Thy signed a big ambassador contract at the end of April and is still active in aspects that are suitable for her life right now and Thy is very, very happy with that! The music is waiting for Thy baby to be strong, Thy mother is beautiful and comprehensive, yoga for the body of thousands of people, and then Thy will come back (the vocals are very good these days because the past 6 months have been singing lullabies every day instead of The gift must always be of good quality and luxury, everyone! I can’t promise when, but I hope everyone will wait for Thy.”

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Recently, when Dong Nhi was criticized for expressing her attitude to fans, Bao Thy – a singer at the same time as Dong Nhi suddenly received more attention from the public. Her songs were heard by the audience again and questioned about the female singer’s next product.

Bao Thy (real name Tran Thi Thuy Loan), used to be a phenomenon of young people when coming out of the competition Miss Audition 2006. Bao Thy’s music products at that time were like Goofy, Bubble Princess, Rose House… They all became big hits. Style fashion Bao Thy also became a trend for young people more than a decade ago.

In mid-2011, at the peak of his career, Bao Thy suddenly withdrew from showbiz, surprising the public. Four years later, she returned with more maturity in both style and music. However, her name is no longer as hot as when she was the “teen princess” of Vpop.

At the end of 2019, Bao Thy announced her marriage to giant Phan Linh, who was a business friend with the singer’s family and had an extremely close relationship with The Bao – her brother. The wedding was held discreetly, only relatives and friends of Bao Thy attended. After nearly two years on the flower car, Bao Thy and her husband happily welcomed the birth of their son.

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Bao Thy is praised for more and more beauty.

Since getting married, Bao Thy has gradually become less active in showbiz. Through the pictures shared on social networks, it can be seen that the female singer is leading a prosperous and fulfilling life. Because Bao Thy is dedicated to performing the role of wife and mother, many viewers think that she has retired from showbiz with many markets. However, the vocalist Bubble Princess affirms that he will never give up his passion for singing and promises to return when his son is strong.

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