Being kicked out of showbiz, Trinh Sang changed his job

May 17, QQ Reportedly, Trinh Sang posted a video and shared about the plan. The actress said that she would open her own video channel and become a network star to earn money through content creation.

According to Trinh Sang, the channel has been isolated since November 2021. The videos are all filmed and edited by the actress herself. Actress Let’s watch the meteor shower The channel name has not been disclosed for fans to follow. She said that she is in the process of perfecting the product.

“This job can make people continue to laugh at me. Even if it’s not good, I don’t feel humiliated, as long as I have money to support my life. I thought much more positively. Life still has to go on. vulgarity, no matter what, we still have to live with a smile.” Trinh Sang shared.

Being kicked out of showbiz, Trinh Sang changed his job - 1

Trinh Sang lives in the US to avoid public opinion and is close to his two children. At the end of April, she shared that she accepted the fact that her time was over soon, and wanted to start a new life like a normal person.

At the beginning of 2022, the actress confided that her life was difficult, she had no job, no money, and a lot of debt. Trinh Sang said he had to rely on material help from friends to maintain his daily life in the US. She faced lawsuits, compensated dozens of partners after a private life scandal.

Trinh Sang was born in 1991, is a popular actress in China with films like Let’s watch the meteor shower, Love you at first sight, Summer solstice hasn’t come yet.

In 2021, she received a penalty of permanently banning the broadcast, being ostracized from the entertainment world of billions of people after being entangled in a tax evasion scandal and abandoning her twin. Trinh Sang repeatedly expressed regret and wished for the opportunity to redo his career, but was not accepted.

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