“Companion running” Full Marathon – Bold and creative experiment at SEA Games 31

The 31st SEA Games marks the return of regional sports activities. From May 14, the 31st SEA Games athletics has started and is taking place at the My Dinh National Sports Complex (Hanoi). The special thing with this marathon content is the presence of more than 200 athletes selected from the two leading prestigious movement tournaments, namely VPBank Hanoi Marathon, Tien Phong Marathon 2021, Salonpas HCMC Marathon 2022. Movement athletes will run alongside athletes representing countries participating in the marathon content at SEA Games 31 on the morning of May 19.

After reviewing the actual conditions for the last time, to ensure absolute safety for professional athletes, on the afternoon of May 16, the Asian Athletics Federation made an official decision on the time. The starting point of athletes participating in running the Marathon content at SEA Games 31 is 8:00 am on May 19.

The athletes participating in the marathon content in the role of “companion running” will start at 8:00 am, still on the same track of the international athletes’ competition, which is organized according to SEA Games standards and is one of the official contents in the 31st SEA Games. This will also be the first time that the competition results of the top athletes in Vietnam are officially recorded in the marathon content at a Games.

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Tri, General Director of DHA Vietnam Company, the owner of the VPBank Hanoi Marathon, shared: “SEA Games 31 is receiving great attention and appreciation from the media and sports enthusiasts. For the first time in the history of sports in Vietnam and also for the first time at the SEA Games, more than 200 athletes of the movement can participate directly in a professional tournament of regional level in the role of “running”. companion”.

In developed countries in Europe, the US, Japan, China, etc., sport plays a particularly important role and is the birthplace of most of the top athletes, especially in athletics. In Vietnam and Southeast Asia, when economic conditions and living standards are improved, people’s increasing interest in sports is a good sign in promoting sports movements and improving health. community. The outstanding achievements of Vietnamese track and field athletes in recent days are a testament to the resonance of movement and professional sports. Professional athletes are given the opportunity to continuously compete and improve their performance at highly specialized movement tournaments.

The official slogan of the 31st SEA Games “For a Stronger Southeast Asia” is strongly inspiring the community, especially Vietnamese long-distance runners. “Sports exercise in general and running in particular is the most effective and least expensive active way of health care for everyone. Running is the subject with the largest number of people practicing. That’s why VPBank Hanoi Marathon recently chose the message “For a strong Vietnam” to cheer for the 31st SEA Games, and remind the community that a strong physical foundation is the basic factor to win the epidemic. disease and Vietnam will rise strongly and recover in time with the world.” – Mr. Tri shared.

Many new opportunities with athletics are expected through a special test run by more than 200 amateur athletes at SEA Games 31. This is not only creativity, a bold experiment but also an effort. great role of the Vietnam Athletics Federation (LDK) in creating a new playground to help amateur runners have more opportunities to rub, be motivated to practice and contribute to bringing the Vietnam marathon movement to new heights. .

According to Mr. Nguyen Manh Hung, in charge of athletics department of the General Department of Physical Education and Sports, General Secretary of the Vietnam Confederation of Sports, “SEA Games 31 is the first congress that allows athletes to participate, besides the national teams. We believe that more than 200 athletes participating in the running of the 31st SEA Games – the movement athletes with the best running record of 42.195km in Vietnam, selected from prestigious races organized by The federation that directly supervises will have the opportunity to affirm their bravery and shine on the 31st SEA Games running track.

To have more than 200 runners to run with is also the effort of prestigious organizers such as DHA Vietnam, always dedicated to the Vietnamese marathon movement, committed to long-term companionship, and constantly improving the professionalism of the company. not only in organizational activities but also in strengthening international connections, making Vietnam a destination for international runners, contributing to promoting discovery sports tourism, especially contributing to the post-COVID-19 tourism recovery.

VPBank Hanoi Marathon 2021 took place safely and successfully on the route for the 31st SEA Games marathon content on March 6, 2022. DHA Vietnam – the organizer of the tournament has received the absolute trust of the authorities to complete the task for the General Department of Sports and Sports to successfully select the best athletes to participate in the marathon and bronze medals. competed at the 31st SEA Games. This is also the first time a movement running is allowed by the Vietnam Confederation of Athletics Federation to perform the National Record-Breaking Championship (National Championship) in Marathon content.

Although no new national championships were established at VPBank Hanoi Marathon 2021, the participating athletes highly appreciated the efforts of the Organizing Committee to encourage the spirit and motivate the athletes to compete at their best. win the opportunity to challenge yourself in a world-class tournament like SEA Games 31.

The time of “G” to go on the field is very close and many athletes of VPBank Hanoi Marathon confidently shared that they were ready thanks to their previous experiences at VPBank Hanoi Marathon 2021 – the tournament was held on the right track of the competition. SEA Games 31 with the standards of an international standard tournament.

Held annually since 2018, VPBank Hanoi Marathon is the official running race of Hanoi, recognized as a member of the International Association of Marathon and Long-distance Runners (AIMS) since 2019, with a track that is run by experts. the participation of AIMS and the Vietnam Athletics Federation to standardize. The achievements of athletes, besides being used to choose to compete in the 31st SEA Games, are still recognized as conditions for participating in the prestigious Boston Marathon (Boston Qualify). VPBank Hanoi Marathon has officially joined the Age Group Ranking System of Abbott World Marathon Majors and has been valid since 2022.

Heritage Race system owned and organized by DHA Vietnam every year includes: VPBank Hanoi Heritage International Marathon (October), Ha Long Bay Heritage International Marathon (November) and National Marathon Marathon. Can Tho Heritage (December).

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