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Do twins have the same blood type?

My family has 2 twins, 1 boy and 1 girl, please ask the doctor, do you have the same blood type? (Hoang Quynh34 years old, HCMC)

Specialist doctor 1 Vo Thi Huynh Nga, Saigon South International General Hospital, reply:

Many people think that brothers and sisters twin the same from beginning to end, the face, hands and feet are the same. So the blood type of the twins will also be the same. If there is a difference between twins, there are only differences in genetic makeup, fingerprints, and some other unique identifying characteristics.

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Twins can have the same egg or different eggs, if different, the sex characteristics or blood type may be different

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However, there are two types of twins, identical twins and fraternal. And for each case of identical and fraternal twins, the blood type may be the same or different:

With the case of identical eggs, you can understand that there is only one egg fertilization. The egg is then split into two cells and splits into two embryos during the first cell division. Since these two embryos come from the same egg, the genetic material in the two embryos is exactly the same. Therefore, the sex is the same, the other characteristics are the same including blood type.

Meanwhile, in the case of fraternal birth, at this time two eggs are fertilized (two eggs are combined with two different sperm). So these two eggs develop into two separate cells. Therefore, these two fetuses have not exactly the same genetic material. So there may be a difference in sex and other characteristics such as blood type.

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