Electronic equipment supplier for Boeing, Apple, Tesla… wants to switch to production in Vietnam

Attract investment in the manufacturing industry

At the talk show, leaders of Amphenol Corporation, a company that manufactures electronic devices that supply Boeing, Apple, Tesla, etc., said that they want to switch to production in Vietnam. He added that he had traveled to Vietnam since he was 20 years old, very fond of the country and Vietnamese cuisine.

The leader asked Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh a question, wanting to know more about the Government’s measures to attract investment in the manufacturing industry.

Answering this question, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh said that Vietnam has carried out the doi moi process since 1986 based on three main pillars: eliminating bureaucracy and subsidies; multi-ownership implementation; and integration.

After more than 35 years of renovation, Vietnam has achieved great achievements of historical significance, as stated by General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong: The country has never had the opportunity, potential and position. and prestige as it is today.

The scale of the economy is constantly expanding, reaching over 362 billion USD in 2021 (compared to 4.2 billion USD in 1986); GDP per capita reached nearly 3,700 USD, an increase of about 26 times compared to 1990 ($142). Vietnam has become the fourth largest economy in ASEAN, one of the 20 economies with the largest commercial scale in the world.

Currently, Vietnam is focusing on building a socialist democracy; building a socialist rule of law state of the people, by the people, for the people; building a socialist-oriented market economy. Vietnam identifies people as the center, the subject, the goal and the driving force for development, making the most of Vietnam’s intelligence, capacity and human qualities.

Regarding development goals, by 2025, Vietnam will be a developing country with modern industry, surpassing the low middle income level; by 2030, to be a developing country with modern industry and high middle income; by 2045, becoming a developed, high-income country.

The Prime Minister stated that, in the context of the current difficult and challenging situation, Vietnam strongly promoted the spirit of comprehensive and all-people solidarity and called for international cooperation, upholding multilateralism. . Vietnam is also focusing on three strategic breakthroughs in institutional improvement; building infrastructure system; and human resource development.

To attract foreign investment, the Prime Minister emphasized the views of “sincerity, trust, responsibility”, “harmonious benefits, shared risks” between the parties. Vietnam is continuing to build and perfect institutions suitable to Vietnam’s conditions and circumstances and international commitments, including 15 free trade agreements that Vietnam has joined, including all the largest and most developed economies in the world.

Second, Vietnam focuses on developing strategic infrastructure such as digital transformation infrastructure (Digital government, digital economy, digital society), transport infrastructure, energy infrastructure, healthcare infrastructure, etc. attract direct and indirect investors.

Third, Vietnam builds an open and stable business environment, effectively handles administrative procedures, in which, digital transformation will help reduce direct transactions, fight negativity, troubles, corruption. Save time and cost for people and businesses.

Along with that, Vietnam continues to maintain macroeconomic stability, ensuring major balances. Another important task is to firmly protect independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity, maintain political stability, security and order, and social safety, so that people, businesses and investors rest assured production and business.

Vietnam has also successfully controlled the epidemic, so that both domestic people and foreigners are safe from the disease, foreigners are treated like Vietnamese, in which foreign experts prioritized. The successful control of the disease shows that Vietnam also has a relatively secure medical infrastructure and thanks to that, for example, Americans can get treatment right in Vietnam without having to return home.

Another advantage of Vietnam in attracting foreign investment is the hard work, compliance with labor discipline and the law.

Supporting Vietnamese businesses to develop healthy and sustainable

Participating in the discussion were also representatives of Deutsche Bank. The representative of this bank also questioned what support the Vietnamese Government can provide for businesses to successfully list on foreign stock markets, including the New York Stock Exchange. ?

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh said that the Government has the responsibility to support Vietnamese businesses to develop healthy, sustainable, and law-abiding. In which, the legal environment is very important, it is necessary to cooperate between the Government and businesses to complete.

In the context of the rapidly changing world situation, the Government’s directions and operations always closely follow the situation, adapting to the internal and external environment to give businesses peace of mind, and at the same time give business orientation. .

On the other hand, enterprises themselves must also strive to rise up, build domestic and foreign reputation, actively study and cooperate with foreign enterprises, including US enterprises, in the spirit of “sincerity, trust, responsibility”.

Enterprises need to make efforts to research and apply new technologies and diversify supply chains. Many Vietnamese enterprises such as Vietcombank, FPT, and Vinfast have been present in the United States and urgently need the support and cooperation of businesses here.

In summary, first, the State creates opportunities, environment and conditions for businesses to grow; second, businesses must strive to grow themselves, meeting the law of supply and demand; and thirdly, support support and cooperation of foreign partners, including US businesses”, the Prime Minister concluded.

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