Everyone thought it was just a shade tree

In Vietnam, woody plants are often known to be used as materials for building houses, making tables, cabinets, etc. But few people know that there are many types of woody plants that are also used as a medicine in Oriental medicine. . The oak tree is a prime example.

According to Herbalist Nguyen Dinh Cu, who is working at a clinic in Thai Binh, clams are a type of plant in the castor family, which often grows wild in mountainous areas. Currently, many places grow green clams for shade and as an ornamental. Clams are found in China, Japan and the United States. In these countries, people often collect clams to press for oil.

In Vietnam, clams grow wild everywhere in the North and Central, and rarely in the South. People in our country often use the leaves of the tree to dye the fabric black, rarely using the fruit.

Sea buckthorn is an oriental medicine with slightly warm, bitter taste, has antiseptic, convenient, detoxifying, emphysema, diuretic, and aquatic effects.

“This plant, both roots, bark, leaves and seeds can be used as medicinal herbs and medicines. Each part has its own effects and uses to treat different diseases”, herbalist Nguyen Dinh Cu said.

However, doctors also note that clams contain a slight amount of toxicity, which should be noted when using.

“Oil is a medicine commonly used in traditional medicine. However, clams contain a slight amount of toxicity, long-term use can affect health. Therefore, when it is necessary to use it, everyone needs to use it. should discuss with a doctor or a professional,” noted physician Nguyen Dinh Cu.

Another physician in Hanoi, physician Nguyen Thanh Tung, said that clams can be used for antiseptic, diuretic, digestive, and convenient. This is also a medicinal herb commonly used to treat edema, constipation, externally used to treat pyoderma, pruritus, urticaria, body rash, cirrhosis, ascites, viral hepatitis, schistosomiasis …

The plant has a strange name, a cure for liver disease: Everyone thought it was just a shade tree - Photo 1.

All parts of the clam plant are effective in the treatment of diseases.

Some remedies used from maggots

– Treatment of edema caused by cirrhosis: Use 15g of shiitake silk bark, extract water for the patient to drink for 15 days.

– Treatment of ascites, defecation, edema, water retention, full squash, loss of appetite: Use scalloped roots (inner silk shell), areca nut, pine needles, each flavor is 12g, sharp water.

– Treatment of schistosomiasis: Use 8-30g of scallop leaves, decocted into medicine, used continuously for 20-30 days.

– Support detoxification: Use 1 fistful of scallop leaves, pound, add water, squeeze the juice to pound, drink.

– Treatment of urticaria, rashes, boils, running water that causes boils to spread: Use scallop seed oil (both wax and kernel) 100g to boil, then add 50g persimmon and 100ml water, stir well. Let it simmer until the water evaporates and the pink color loses its color. Use this paste to apply on pimples and sores.

– Treatment of hydrocephalus, abdominal distention, loss of appetite: Use scalloped bark (only the silk shell) is dried, ground into a fine powder, added rice water to make a complete member, the size of a grain green bean. In addition, you can cook one part of black apple with 6 parts of water until a paste is obtained, then remove the powder, mix the water with the bark of the clam roots to form a pill called O apple Hoan.

Depending on the medical condition, 10-20g of the drug can be used every day, with rice water or porridge to improve the medicine.

According to Moc Tra

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