Experts recommend unexpected signs in the eyes that signal growing cancer

Ophthalmologist Howard R. Krauss, Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology and Neurosurgery at Saint John Cancer Institute, Providence Saint John Medical Center, California, USA, says:A sudden change in vision, not seeing clearly even for a moment, or a decrease in eye moisture, is a sign that you should seek medical attention quickly.“.

There are many causes of dry, uncomfortable or painful eyes, but blurred vision can indicate a malignant tumor located in the eye, according to the Mayo Clinic. Even these small malignancies”can cause some cases of vision loss if they occur in important parts of the eye“.

Most of us have experienced blurred vision, at one time or another. There are many different potential reasons for this condition.

There are many causes of sudden blurred vision. However, some are worrisome, some are not,” Dr. Krauss said.

In some cases, dry eyes are the “culprit” of this phenomenon, especially when so many people today spend most of their time sitting in front of a computer screen.

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According to the American Optometric Association (AMA), dry eyes can cause a burning or burning sensation. When the eyes are dry, they can be watery, thick and easy to secrete mucus, as well as interfere with vision.

Does the opacity change when blinking?“, for example, Dr. Krauss.”If so, in many cases blurred vision can be caused by dry eyes or excess oil in the eyes“. Using moisturizing eye drops can help with this.

However, in some cases, blurred vision is a sign of a problem health serious. Caused by some cases of blurred vision can be a sign of cancer or another dangerous disease. Therefore, Dr. Krauss recommends checking for unusual eye symptoms.

If you feel fine and have no other symptoms, get your condition analyzed. Can one eye be covered to assess whether only one eye or both eyes are blurred, or only blurred when both eyes are open? If you see double or blurred vision, do you see it in 1 eye, 2 eyes or only when both eyes are open?“, added Dr. Krauss.

The doctor also recommends observing whether blurred vision occurs when you stand in any position, is it related to other factors such as brightness, obstacles, curtains… or not. If not, these symptoms mean you need to see your doctor for treatment.

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While it’s still not clear what causes eye cancer or how to prevent it, you can still practice healthy eye habits to reduce your risk in the future.

The American Cancer Society notes a link between sun exposure and melanoma, and recommends reducing sun exposure and protecting the body with clothing, sunscreen, and sunscreen. sunglasses.

Other healthy habits include regular eye exams. “Eye exams help detect eye problems at their earliest stages – when they are best treated“, the Mayo Clinic said.

In addition, reducing screen time, changing contact lens habits in a healthy way (such as cleaning and removing contact lenses regularly) are also ways to take care of your eyes.

Besides, it is advisable to add powerful vitamins, antioxidants and minerals to your daily diet to improve vision as well as overall eye health.

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