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Free card opening – Cashback spending with Agribank’s Loc Viet domestic credit card

Loc Viet Card – Smart integration

Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development of Vietnam (Agribank) has just launched a multi-application card (debit & credit) Loc Viet, providing easy access to capital for small consumer loans, civilized and modern payment services, contributing to healthy microfinance market, limiting and repelling black credit in agriculture and rural areas.

Agribank’s goal in 2022 is to issue at least 1 Loc Viet card per household for the number of households that have a credit relationship with Agribank and millions of students from academies, universities, colleges and specialized high schools. Karma. Along with the implementation of digital banking services in the card industry, Agribank aims to digitize the entire card service and gradually replace the inefficient transaction offices, also contributing to the success of the Loc card product. Vietnamese.

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On the basis of integrating two card applications “debit” and “credit” on the same chip, contributing to reducing card costs and helping customers to be proactive and flexible in making payments without having to carry too many cards. The product has all the features of a standard domestic debit card as well as a standard domestic credit card, making payment more convenient for customers, and high security thanks to modern chip card technology.

Another difference of domestic credit cards compared to other credit cards is the grace period of up to 55 days, both as a means of payment and as a financial instrument with the advantage of spending first, paying in advance. the following money besides Agribank’s series of attractive preferential policies for customers such as: Free card issuance, membership fee, cash advance/withdrawal fee, low interest rate,…

Loc Viet domestic credit card also offers a credit limit of up to VND 30 million, simple documents and procedures, convenient operation on many payment channels, and outstanding preferential interest rates. This product also brings benefits to the bank in the safe and effective disbursement of credit, saving costs, contributing to the elimination of black credit problems, healthy operation, credit culture. consumption in Vietnam.

“Give trust – Send Loc Viet” receive a gift worth 100,000 VND when using Loc Viet card

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