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H’Hen Niê lifted her shirt to show off her abs, laughing at the “fake innocent” comment

Wednesday, May 18, 2022 08:45 AM (GMT+7)

H’Hen Niê’s sharing at the premiere of her first movie attracted the attention of the audience.

After more than 4 years of implementation, on the evening of May 17, “the fiercest and most playable action film in Vietnamese cinema” – “578: Shot of a madman” was held in Ho Chi Minh City with the participation of many Vietnamese artists and media units.

The event gathered famous stars of Vietnamese showbiz such as actor Tran Bao Son, singer Osad, actors Tra Ngoc Hang, My Duyen, Tran Nghia, runner-up Hoang My…. Besides, the appearance of the main cast of “578” such as H’Hen Niê, Thao Tam, Hoang Phuc, director Luong Dinh Dung, martial artist Tuan Hac.

H'Hen Niê lifted up her shirt to show off her abs, laughing at the comment "fake innocent"  - first

H’Hen Niê next to the motor is a prop in the movie

Explaining the reason why the male lead Alexandre Nguyen did not attend the film premiere, director Luong Dinh Dung said:After filming ended, Alex confided to me that by filming this film, he realized that there is nothing more precious than family, and that you must protect your loved ones at all costs, even if it means changing your life. When the film crew sent the announcement about the movie’s release, it was also when Alex welcomed his first child. Alex told me, this is the most sacred moment of his life, he wants to be with his children. As a father, I understand and appreciate that“.

H’Hen Niê said that although she had attended many events, this debut time she was quite nervous and looking forward to seeing and reviewing the footage she acted with for the first time in a movie. big movie project. She is always ready to receive comments from the audience. Revealing more about the role, the actress said that she brought a very different image from H’Hen Niê that people usually know. Beauty Ede said she loves cinema and wants to live and experience the life of another person. However, she did not dare to identify herself as an actress, just wanted people to call her Hen or Miss H’Hen Niê.

H'Hen Niê lifted up her shirt to show off her abs, laughing at the comment "fake innocent"  - 3

Ede beauty takes off her outerwear to show off her abs

Notably, Miss Hau revealed that she had just finished filming a new movie project and will reveal the information in the near future. “If the role is lucky, it will be very happy, but if there is no opportunity, I think Hen will continue to try, study and practice more to conquer the audience.“, H’Hen Nie confided. When asked about the opinion that H’Hen Niê is deliberately building an innocent and simple image, Miss Universe 2017 affirmed that she always stays true to herself. For her, fulfilling her passions and dreams as long as it doesn’t violate morality is something she cherishes. H’Hen Niê said that she only knows how to act in movies, and the salary is the manager’s job.

In the movie, the beautiful 9X has top-notch fights with martial artist Tuan Hac. When MC Nguyen Khang expressed doubts about the authenticity of the action sequences, martial artist Tuan Hac frankly: “There were also fake hits, but director Luong Dinh Dung called for a cut. I affirm that all the fights in the movie are real fights“.

Nam Vuong Ngoc Tinh said that he made a lot of efforts when he first hit the cinema gate and played a difficult role, whose personality was completely opposite to that in real life. Ngoc Tinh revealed, when playing Thai, the scariest incident that ever happened to him was while filming the fierce underwater battle under the temperature of 10 degrees Celsius, cramp and unconscious: “I sank and fainted right in the riverbed, like a corpse“. He was brought ashore by the crew in a cold and white state, lost consciousness and had to be taken to the emergency room.

After nearly 100 minutes of showing the movie, the audience left the theater but stayed to congratulate the crew. Actor Tran Bao Son congratulated director Luong Dinh Dung and briefly assessed: “A really good movie“. Mc Nguyen Khang shared: “This is an action movie that Khang personally finds the martial arts direction quite eye-catching, especially with the beautiful fighting part of the male and female lead actors. The film has very beautiful flycam angles about the sights of Vietnam such as Ninh Binh, Ha Long… the color of the film is also very beautiful. Khang was surprised by Hen when he only practiced martial arts for a few months, but the queen was very good at fighting. Khang wishes the movie will reach 100 billion when it hits theaters“.

Talking about herself, H’Hen Nie humbly said: “It’s hard to judge yourself. In my role, I want the audience to comment fairly. I myself feel very happy with what I have done in this movie, the director has kept my expressions, even my voice. For me personally, that is something to be very proud of. Every time people clap, I feel very sweet.”

The beauty also gave her opinion about the movie: “I see the investment of the manufacturer. The director’s enthusiasm was in the film. It may be difficult for people to understand many different segments when watching the movie, but after watching the movie, it will be completely clear. I consider this a success of the director when creating curiosity and frustration of the audience by telling new and different stories.“.

“578: Shot of the Madman” officially opens in cinemas nationwide from May 20, 2022.

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