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How to use a laptop to play Xbox Series X / WILL games

The article will guide you to use the Remote Play feature to use your laptop as an Xbox Series X/S display or play games remotely on mobile devices.

Using a Windows laptop as a monitor for an Xbox Series X/S game console is simple. This is the ideal solution if you don’t have a dedicated monitor or your laptop’s display is of higher quality than your existing monitor.

Additionally, if connected via the Remote Play feature, this also has the benefit of allowing you to play Xbox games anywhere. The only condition is that the laptop must be connected to the game console via the internet.

What is the Remote Play feature?

Remote Play lets you use your Xbox console with any eligible device, including PCs, Android and iOS devices. However, instead of playing games in the cloud, you’ll connect directly to Xbox to play.

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Remote Play lets you use your Xbox remotely

The difference between Xbox Remote Play and Xbox Cloud Gaming should be noted, as both are capable of remote gaming. Cloud Gaming is an online service that requires an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription and allows Xbox games to be played in the cloud.

How to enable Remote Play on Xbox Series X/WILL

While Remote Play can always be used as long as you have a wireless connection to your Xbox, the following requirements should be met for best performance:

The laptop must be updated to Windows 11 or Windows 10 (version 1903 or later).

· 5Ghz Wi-Fi connection.

Network latency less than 60ms.

Upload bandwidth more than 9Mbps.

· Supports wired network connection.

Xbox Sleep mode is set to Standby.

If your laptop and Xbox are both on the same network, you won’t need to worry too much about network settings. However, if you are playing on another network, you may experience significant lag, or if there are too many changes from the settings required above.

How to set up Remote Play for Xbox

Follow these steps to enable Remote Play:

· Open your Xbox, then go to the Settings app.

· Select Devices & connections > Remote features > Enable remote features.

· If you see the option Enable remote features already marked, then Remote Play is activated. If not, turn it on.

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Enable Remote Play for Xbox consoles


After enabling this setting, Xbox will take a few minutes to check the setup and suggest solutions so that Remote Play can be improved if necessary.

· Select next Xbox app preferences.

· Choose Allow connections from any device or Only from profiles signed in on this Xbox console.

Return to the Remote features menu, change Sleep to Standby.

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Select Allow connections from any devices to allow Xbox to connect to all devices


How to start playing games on Xbox Series X/S with a laptop

While you don’t technically need an Xbox controller for this, it’s recommended to use an Xbox controller for the best experience. Without using an Xbox Series X/S controller, you cannot use Bluetooth to connect the controller to your laptop. In that case, you will need to use another method to synchronize the controller with the PC.

first. Connect Xbox controller to laptop

If you’re playing near the Xbox, you won’t need to do much, the controller will connect directly to the Xbox Series X/S. Otherwise, follow these steps to connect the Xbox controller to the laptop:

On a computer, press Windows + I to open the Settings window.

· Select Bluetooth & Devices, click Add device and select Bluetooth.

· Open the Xbox controller, then press and hold the Pair key for a few seconds.

· Click select line Xbox wireless controller at the Add a device screen of the computer.

· Wait a moment for the computer to connect to the Xbox controller.

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Connect Xbox controller to laptop


2. How to get the Xbox PC app and connect to the Xbox

First, you need to install the Xbox for PC app on your laptop. Once installed, sign in with the same Microsoft account you use for Xbox. Then do the following:

· Open the Xbox application on your computer, click the Consoles button in the upper right corner of the interface.

· Click on the name of the Xbox console, and the computer will be connected to the Xbox.

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Connect Xbox app on PC to Xbox console


Wait a moment and you will be greeted with the Xbox start screen. From here, you can interact with your Xbox as you normally would. Note that it will not be possible to use a mouse and keyboard to interact with Xbox using this method.

However, by clicking on the menu at the top left with your mouse, you can access options including Mute (mute), Send feedback (send feedback), switch to full screen display mode and Disconnect (disconnect).

As long as the Xbox is on Standby mode, you won’t need to turn on the Xbox first. Simply connect to Xbox and the device will be turned on remotely. So even when you’re hanging out, go travel or even taking a break from work, you can still play games from your Xbox.

Everything is ready to play Xbox games remotely

Remote Play is not only available on PC. You can install the Xbox app on your iOS and Android devices so you can play anywhere on your phone. However, the controller must be operated, so you may need a stand to keep the phone steady.

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