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Indian construction workers are exhausted from the heat

The risk of being at risk from heat is something many experts warn about, especially those who work outdoors.

Taking a shower before going to work is something that Yogendra Tundre, a construction worker, usually does every morning. The work at the construction site is already hard and difficult, but Mr. Tundre also faces another difficulty, which is the unprecedented heat.

Mr. Yogendra Tundre said: “There were many problems. Our work efficiency was significantly reduced because of the heat. We were often scolded by the contractor because of it.”

Indian construction workers are exhausted from the heat - Photo 1.

Temperatures reached 45 degrees Celsius at times, sickening Tundre and his wife, who also worked on the construction site, which meant they lost their income.

“Because of the heat, sometimes I don’t go to work. I had to take many days off, many times I fell ill because of dehydration and then had to give water,” said Lata Tundre – Yogendra Tunder’s wife.

India experienced its hottest March in 100 years and April recorded unusually high temperatures exceeding 40 degrees Celsius in many places, including the capital New Delhi. More than two dozen people have died from suspected heat stroke since the end of March until now.

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