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Meet the right person at the right time thanks to VnExpress Dating

I found my husband thanks to VnExpress Dating since June last year. Their wedding will take place at the end of June this year.

Thanks VnExpress had a very meaningful and useful column for single people like me. Actually, to find a lover is easy, but finding the right person is very difficult. After sending a letter once and not finding a satisfactory person, I sent it a second time, promising myself that I would write in the column for the last time. I received many letters and invitations to meet, many varied letters.

He, my fiancé, sent the letter right after a simple introduction about himself, his family, a little about his appearance and personality, especially knowing how to write, so he solved the problem that the subject wanted. . He was not the first person to invite me to meet, but the only one I decided to meet. The impression of the first meeting was quite good, he is 1m80 tall and beautiful, has an artistic quality, a sociable personality, talks freely although he is still a bit shaky when he meets me.

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While many people just ask if you have eaten, will you cook it, or if it’s hot, remember to drink a lot of water, your future husband is very delicate. I just idly talked about the hot sun and lazy to wear sunscreen, but he asked for the company’s address and sent me a sunscreen. The gift is not expensive but it is timely and enough to be appreciated for the act. We’re exactly the same by fate, a year of love, we haven’t had a fight, the only time he got angry was because I let a cat bite and hurt me. That day he was angry with the cat but also angry with me. At night, he ran over to see how he was doing and then sat there, demanding to kick the neighbor’s cat. Then he was afraid of rabies, so he gave me money for vaccination.

Falling in love with the right person makes a big difference: being able to go places you like, being cared for and taken care of, all his priorities are for me, sometimes even more than work. He made me feel absolutely safe, respected me and our relationship. Sometimes I think I must be very lucky to find someone who truly loves me, I can’t help them. No matter what happens, I hope we always believe in love, believe we deserve to be happy.

I was also beaten by the word love quite a lot. I’ve been through many things, but I still have faith in the two words happiness. Now I enjoy the happiness of meeting the right person at the right time. I don’t know what the future holds, I just know that I’m about to have a husband now, but my parents are afraid that I’m 27 years old and don’t have a lover. Wishing all readers a happy day, everyone can find their own happiness.

Fiancé often reads VnExpressI’m sure you know I wrote you! Please treat me well. Love you!


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