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My boyfriend listened to his mother, so he broke up with me

We love each other for a year, plan to get married this year. Then he listened to his mother and wanted us to break up and just be friends.

Last April, my family went to see the date to hold the wedding, the teacher said that this year is not possible, if he gets married, he will have an accident, it will have to be a beautiful day next year. We are the same age of the Goat, 43 years old. Last week he also happily texted me, this week he kept silent and then blocked contact. As a woman, I have a hunch that something is about to happen, he has always been very concerned and taken care of me, the two of us have never argued. I was worried about what was wrong with him, so I went to visit him at home.

I asked him why he blocked contact, he said he lost his phone sim but in his heart he knew he was lying. I still politely talk to him and his family. He told his mother to go to a fortune-telling, said that if you get married, you will be poor for 50 years, until the life of your children and grandchildren. Mom didn’t let me get married, forced him to break up with me and only be friends. I’m sad that you and your mother are both superstitious. Friends told me, the reason he will have an accident this year is to postpone marriage to next year and not get married.

>> Boyfriend listens to his mother absolutely

You and I are compatible in terms of personality, thinking, and temperament. He does not drink, does not smoke, but is filial and listens to his mother to the point of being negative and has no opinions of his own. Now he listens to his mother, telling us to break up and be friends. He blocked contact and did not read my messages, while a few days ago he was still happy.

I know you often read Confidentiality, so I want to send a message to you: “We both really love each other, are compatible with each other in terms of thinking, but now he pours all his feelings into the river into the sea, without any regrets. “. Have you ever been unemployed, under economic pressure, and then abandoned me after listening to your mother? What should I do, please advise.


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