Purple color flooded the market, VN-Index rebounded 56 points, regaining the level of 1,200

In the trading session on May 17, the stock market dropped slightly at the beginning of the morning session but then gradually increased. In the afternoon session, VN-Index rebounded strongly by more than 56 points, closing at 1,118.37 points (+4.81%) and ending the chain of 3 consecutive losing sessions. Even so, liquidity was still at an average level, with 584 million shares traded, valued at VND14,300 billion.

On the HNX, HNX-Index increased by 2.73% to 315.44 points. The UPCOM index rose 2.89% to 95.89 points.

The whole market today has more than 870 stocks gaining in price, of which more than 210 stocks hit the ceiling price. On HOSE, the 30 biggest stocks gained, with 13 going to the limit.

Out of 27 bank stocks, only SeABank’s shares closed at the reference price. Other stocks all rallied strongly, with 9 stocks reaching the ceiling price and many others closing close to the ceiling price.

The positive movement of the market today has been forecasted by some securities companies such as Rong Viet and AseanSC. According to Rong Viet’s forecast yesterday, the low-priced cash flow will continue to be active, especially around 1,150 points of the VN-Index, and help the market recover. Therefore, investors can expect the downtrend of the market to stop soon, and at the same time, they can consider choosing a good price to buy at large stocks with good valuation.

On the side of AseanSC, this securities company believes that the exhaustion of supply coupled with the efforts of buyers to gain points is leaving open a recovery span of the market from the bottom. AseanSC forecasts that bottom-fishing demand at the support area near 1,160 – 1,170 points can help VN-Index recover to test the resistance area near 1,180 – 1,190 points, and further away, the resistance area of ​​1,200 – 1,210 points.

Recently, the State Securities Commission has requested HOSE, HNX to publish information on proprietary trading of securities companies, before May 23.

Purple color flooded the market, VN-Index gained 56 points, regaining the milestone of 1,200 - Photo 1.

Purple color covered the stocks on 2 exchanges

Recently, the Ministry of Finance announced 5 key tasks in May in the management of financial markets and financial services.

First, urgently implement and Reviewing problems and shortcomings in securities law regulations, Decrees guiding the Securities Law 2019. At the same time, review and supplement legal documents that are still valid in the key interdisciplinary areas in 2022.

Second, execute the plan inspection and examination of public companies, securities trading organizations, and approved audit firms on the basis of the adjusted plan, strictly handle violations on the basis of monitoring results.

Third, implement closely monitor securities transactions with abnormal signs, to promptly coordinate with the Stock Exchanges in assessing, analyzing, and inspecting transactions for transactions showing signs of violation of regulations; currently supervises the activities of public companies.

Fourth, execute the plan inspect and examine audit firms for listed companies, public companies, pay attention to businesses with customers whose financial statements are incorrect or have many errors.

Thursday, Ministry of Finance step up inspection and supervision of corporate bond issuance, especially unsecured issuance; Continue to implement the Stock Market Restructuring Project in accordance with the roadmap and legal regulations…

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