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Reprinted series of short stories by Tran Hoai Duong

Four collections of short stories by writer Tran Hoai Duong launched a new edition, investing in fine arts.

White roses for Andersen, Funny story about Frog Com, Baby Straw and Spring language are four short stories familiar to children’s readers by Tran Hoai Duong. The series of reprints are part of the program to celebrate the 65th anniversary of the establishment of Kim Dong Publishing House (June 17, 1957 – June 17, 2022).

Four reprinted short stories by writer Tran Hoai Duong.  Photo: Kim Dong Publishing House

Four reprinted short stories by writer Tran Hoai Duong. Image: Kim Dong Publishing House

White roses for Andersen is a anthropomorphized story about velvet roses that want to give birthday gifts to writer Andersen – the author of a famous series of fairy tales. Knowing Andersen likes white roses, red roses accept a special trade-off.

Frog Com The story is about a frog who doesn’t like going to school but thinks he’s the best in the world, knows everything. The Clever Clown plotted to tease his lazy friend, so that Frog Com would understand: the world out there is still big, only studying can help widen your eyes.

Spring language revolves around a small forest, birds and animals eagerly welcome the arrival of Spring, working magic to bring things to life. Straw Baby is a story that transmits the message: love, trust and share to keep the good things.

Four young artists – Ha Trang, Linh Vuong, Tran Thuy My, Miny Nguyen – illustrate the pages of Tran Hoai Duong’s writings. A representative of the publisher said that Tran Hoai Duong’s story is rich in music and color, becoming an inspiration for artists to draw poetic images.

Writer Tran Hoai Duong (1943 - 2011).

Writer Tran Hoai Duong (1943-2011). Image: Kim Dong Publishing House

Writer Tran Hoai Duong’s real name is Tran Bac Quy, born in 1943, from Hai Duong. After the first work – Baby and rose (1963), he began to devote himself to writing for children. He won the award of the Writers’ Association and the Central Committee of Youth and Children in 1978 – story adventure of letters, A prize for 1993’s “Green Age” – story A glimpse of southern luck, 2001 Vietnam Writers Association Award – story Deep blue area. Grandfather passed away 2011 because of a heart attack.

Writer Le Phuong Lien commented that “Hoai Duong’s style is both delicate, realistic, pure and romantic”. Writer Do Chu – a colleague of the same time – commented that Tran Hoai Duong’s literature is peaceful, beautiful, fragile, and simple as a plant. Poet Cao Xuan Son wrote: “Tran Hoai Duong’s writings are clear and full of human love. He is like a tree that not many people can see its shadow when it’s alive, but when the tree falls, people are new to it. realized there was a big gap left.”

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