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Seagulls casually entered the supermarket to steal things

May 18, 2022 13:30 GMT+7

Video captures the interesting moment that happened in the UK when a seagull freely walked into a supermarket and stole food.

Seagulls can cause trouble for anyone they meet because of their food-stealing behavior. The seagull has a reputation as a bird of notoriety in the coastal regions of England.

Seagulls casually entered the supermarket to steal things
Seagulls casually entered the supermarket to steal things

Steven the seagull is so familiar to locals because it often appears in the Paignton area, Devon, England.

However, this is the first time people have recorded the moment the seagull arbitrarily broke into the supermarket and stole food.

Video of the whole incident shows the seagull waiting outside for a while before the supermarket’s sensor door opened, it quickly went inside and aimed directly at the shelf next to the door.

He took a packet of chips, which the supermarket employee said was his favorite food. Liam Brown, who discovered the incident, quickly took a video as evidence and shared it on social networks.

Liam Brown said: “I’ve seen the seagull move around a few times. When I saw it jump in front of the car, I took out my phone to record. I guess it was about to do something.”

Jenni Elliott, a frequent supermarket shopper, said she had seen a seagull fly away with a bag of cookies before, but it’s not clear who gave it or if it took it on its own.

The gull is so prolific that locals in Paignton call it after the Hollywood actor.

The gulls are medium to large in size, usually gray or white, with dark spots on the head and wings. A special feature is that they have a long and strong beak, and webbed feet. They are quite docile but when raised, gulls become extremely aggressive, will attack anyone who comes close.

Interestingly, Steven isn’t the only seagull causing trouble in the neighborhood. Another culprit named Cedric is often involved in supermarket thefts. Cedric is another, more ferocious seagull that goes straight to the supermarket to get groceries many times.

According to supermarket employees, Cedric doesn’t like food, he often steals toys. It often hangs around people’s homes, teasing family pets and taunting animals that roam without a home.

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