Sharing the emotion of a professor of Mathematics who has just received the Ta Quang Buu Prize

Prof. Dr. Ngo Viet Trung was delighted and moved when he was awarded the Ta Quang Buu Prize 2022 by the Ministry of Science and Technology for his research work “Depth functions of symbolic powers of homogeneous ideals”, published in the journal Inventiones Mathematicae 218. 2019. Idean’s work on a fundamental invariant is depth, which solves 3 open problems related to the tangent of the depth function, the convergence of the depth function and the calculation of the periodicity for the depth function. front of the depth function.

“This is a very meaningful award for me. Besides being highly appreciated and recognized by the scientific community for this research work, Professor Ta Quang Buu is also the person who changed my life.” he shared.

Sharing the emotion of a professor of Mathematics who has just received the Ta Quang Buu Prize - 1

Prof. Dr. Ngo Viet Trung.

Few people know that he was once paralyzed in his legs and had to wear crutches when he was in high school. At that time, even though they had enough test scores to study abroad, no country accepted them. Thanks to Professor Ta Quang Buu’s intervention, he was able to study math in Germany and receive treatment to be able to walk almost normally.

Professor Trung also said that this is a joint award with Dr. Nguyen Dang Hop, a co-author of the work. Without Dr. Hop’s ideas, he could not have solved the main problem of the work. Therefore, he would like to thank this special colleague and other scientists at the Vietnam Institute of Mathematics – where he has worked since returning to the country until now. He also thanked his wife who always accompanied and endured a math worker with many disabilities.

Also winning the Ta Quang Buu award this year are Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Thi Le Thu, University of Science and Technology, Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City with the project “Tailoring the Hard−Soft Interface with Dynamic Diels-Alder Linkages in Polyurethanes: Toward” Superior Mechanical Properties and Healability at Mild Temperature”, published in the journal Chemistry of Materials in 2019.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Thi Le Thu shared: “To be awarded the Ta Quang Buu Prize is a great honor for me. The award is a great source of encouragement for me and scientists, promoting activities. science and technology quality in Vietnam”.

The research is inspired by an explosive trend in research on self-healing materials around the world, although the process from basic research to commercialization of this new material is still challenging for scientists. The team’s results are just the beginning and the road to practical application is still long, but the insights gained from this research are the driving force to help the team continue to pursue their passion for research, she said.

Sharing the emotion of a professor of Mathematics who has just received the Ta Quang Buu Prize - 2

Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam (far right) and Deputy Minister of Science and Technology Tran Van Tung (far left) presented prizes to two scientists.

According to Prof. Dr. Vu Hai Nam, Chairman of the Ta Quang Buu 2022 Prize Council, said that this year’s award has 5 nominations, of which three are for the main prize and two are for the youth award category. out of a total of 48 registrations.

After the review process, the award committee decided there was no prize for young scientists, because the nominated researches did not meet the criteria of research value, contribution to science, ranking. international magazine…

Since 2014, the Ta Quang Buu Prize has been organized annually by the Ministry of Science and Technology to honor scientists with outstanding results in basic research in the fields of natural sciences and engineering. contribute to promoting science and technology in Vietnam. The award is named after the late Professor Ta Quang Buu – one of the people who laid the foundation in the construction and development of basic science fields in Vietnam.

After 8 years of organization, 16 scientists who are the authors of excellent scientific works and 4 young scientists have been awarded the Ta Quang Buu Prize. In 2021 alone, no scientists will receive this award.

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