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Singer Dang Khoi’s family goes on a cruise to visit the eco-urban project Aqua City

Dang Khoi and Thuy Anh are impressed with the green space and cool atmosphere of the Aqua City eco-urban project as well as the modern utility system here.

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Before the holiday of April 30, Dang Khoi arranged the work of bringing the whole family to experience the ecological living space at the smart eco-urban project Aqua City. Departing from Saigon South Marina (Phu My Hung, District 7), after only 30 minutes, Dang Khoi’s family was at the square, Aqua Marina.

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After getting married in 2013, Thuy Anh stopped working as an actress and photo model, switched to work as a work manager for her husband, and opened an entertainment company. They have two sons: Dang Khang (11 years old) and Dang Anh (8 years old).

“Before the trip, I hinted that there would be a surprise gift for parents and children. Thuy Anh and her children were very curious, nervous and excited to be leisurely on the beautiful river route to Aqua City… When the canoe was about to arrive Upon landing, the beautiful green space of Aqua City along with the luxurious architecture appeared, making the whole family say wow”, the male singer said.

As for Thuy Anh, stepping into the Aqua City project, she felt at peace “like returning to the arms of a loved one”. The members took advantage of check-in at the European-style Aqua Marina square – marina complex and the silver wing symbol, the stands overlooking the river.

Meanwhile, baby Dang Khang enjoys sledding around the large square. According to Dang Khoi, this place is ideal for a family of three generations: grandparents can walk around the park every afternoon, the children have fun, and the young couple have a space to walk and talk after a day of work. stress.

Dang Khoi – Thuy Anh said that she always likes the space filled with green and open spaces for members to comfortably play, live healthy and relax. Thuy Anh highly appreciates the Aqua City project because of its infrastructure, trees covering the aisles, and luxurious houses with a variety of architectures: from semi-classical to modern. “I feel like I’m on a high-class resort,” Thuy Anh said.

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Dang Khoi commented that the villa in the Aqua City project is luxuriously designed, the main white – gray tones are synchronized from the architecture to the delicate interior. In particular, the layout of smart functions.

Dang Khoi and Thuy Anh especially like the semi-classical villa with a characteristic open design, optimizing large glass doors to let in natural light. The living room is spacious, connected to the dining table, and the kitchen increases the connection of members.

The couple also appreciates the “all-in-one” facilities: from health care, learning, sports, and entertainment at Aqua City. This not only satisfies the needs of a multi-generational family to live as a resort, but also an attractive destination in the future.

“In addition, the green space surrounded by rivers and green trees provides a fresh and peaceful environment for the whole family. Aqua City converges fully with utilities, worthy of a livable urban project such as shopping mall, school, hospital… If to evaluate, Thuy Anh scores the living space here must be 11/10 “, Thuy Anh excitedly shared.

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The whole family did not forget to check-in and enjoy drinks from the famous PhinDeli brand at the Garden Palace of Light.

The singer and his wife also visited the 7,000m2 Aqua Security Center at the project. Dang Khoi said: “Today, Khoi’s family was fortunate to visit the security center of Aqua City, an extremely modern place. With the methodical investment and the advantage of a large green area, applications and applications. With smart technology in management and operation, Dang Khoi firmly believes that this is not only an ideal living environment for families like Dang Khoi – Thuy Anh, but also a leading entertainment and entertainment destination.

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Dang Khoi is impressed when he learns that the urban area project is equipped with more than 2,000 cameras, applying AI technology

The Aqua City project is applying many incentive programs such as: receiving a voucher worth 100 million VND when visiting Novaland Gallery and checking-in the Nova FnB restaurant system; Novaland shareholder incentives up to 1.2 billion dong; VIP tour package up to 800 million VND; NovaLoyalty up to 5%; 2% for businesses; 10% for bank loan schedules; 24 month interest rate support…

From May 14, investors will also receive a voucher of 300 million VND (conditional offer) when participating in the event “Fashionable real estate investment privileges” at Novaland Gallery – 2Bis Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, ward Da Kao, District 1, HCMC.

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