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Single mother Vbiz Ngoc Lan after 17 years of playing “Alluvial Perfume”

Ngoc Lan skin care must pay attention to 1 extremely important detail

Ngoc Lan said she inherited the genetic gene that is beautiful skin from her mother, but the beauty also revealed that time is always the enemy of beauty. So she pays attention to skin care. According to Ngoc Lan, one thing that women often forget is to use products of a cosmetic brand forever.

Single mother Vbiz Ngoc Lan after 17 years of playing

Ngoc Lan shows off her natural bare face.

The actress’s favorite is the 3-year rule for a trademark. She revealed:A cosmetic brand should only be used for about 3 years, after that, you need to change to another brand. Because in those 3 years, our skin will get used to it and no longer absorb the goodness and essence contained in that cosmetic. When you change to another brand, there will be products that are more suitable for your skin“.

This is said to be a rule that many women ignore or even notice. However, for Ngoc Lan, this change is extremely important.

How does Ngoc Lan take care of her skin?

Ngoc Lan said that she, like many other women, has to use skin cream both day and night. She also removes makeup thoroughly to get clean skin, light pores. Talking more about cosmetics, Ngoc Lan said that there are many types of cosmetics suitable for different skin types and in the process of searching, each person will find the most suitable cosmetic for them.

As an actress who has to regularly wear makeup, Ngoc Lan also has to create a skin protection process for herself. She said that before applying makeup, she often uses the right cream to reduce the corrosion of chemicals into the skin. According to her, there is always lead in makeup, and because lead sticks to the surface of the skin, the new makeup can be kept all day long. Before applying makeup, Ngoc Lan often uses cosmetics to protect her skin from the harmful effects of lead. In addition, sunscreen is also the actress’s number 1 skin care secret before going out.

Single mother Vbiz Ngoc Lan after 17 years playing

Tuyet’s beautiful beauty after 17 years of “Alluvial Perfume”.

Ngoc Lan said no to injecting chemicals into the body, abstaining from starch to keep weight

Ngoc Lan does not support beauty by injecting chemicals into the body to keep the skin young for a long time, because this method according to her is very harmful. As the actress shared, users of this method have to re-inject once every 3-6 months. In addition to the need for a strong economic condition, this beauty method will be dangerous when there comes a time when the skin can no longer absorb it, leading to the opposite reaction or side effects that many people have suffered.

Single mother Vbiz Ngoc Lan after 17 years playing

The slim figure of actress Ngoc Lan.

As for keeping in shape, Ngoc Lan abstains from using starch in meals and actively eats vegetables and fruits to strengthen vitamins.

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From every angle, Ngoc Lan is extremely beautiful.

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