Stocks raced to the ceiling, VN-Index gained more than 50 points after 3 plunging sessions

After quiet trading in the morning, the stock market was positive with a series of breaking stocks. In which, in securities group, HCM, VCI, VND… all hit the ceiling. Among banks, SHB and LPB were also pulled to ceiling prices: STB increased by 6.6%, MBB increased by 6.3%, CTG increased by 5.7%…

In the group of small and medium-cap stocks, L14, CEO, TNG, HUT, FCN, HAG, LCG, SAM, DIG… all surged. At 13:41, VN-Index increased by 30.16 points (2.57%) to 1,202.11 points. HNX-Index increased by 5.32 points (1.73%) to 312.37 points. UPCoM-Index increased 1.32 points (1.42%) to 94.52 points.

Stocks raced to the ceiling, VN-Index gained more than 50 points after 3 plunging sessions - 1

VN-Index increased more than 45 points. (Screenshots)

Later, the upward momentum was extended. By 2pm, VN-Index increased to 45.65 points (3.90%) to 1,217.60 points. The whole HoSE had 393 gainers, overwhelming compared with 74 decliners and 32 standstill stocks.

VN30-Index also increased strongly by 54.24 points (4.46%) to 1,269.32 points. All 30 stocks in the VN30 basket increased.

Similarly, HNX-Index also increased 8.52 points (2.77%) to 315.57 points. There were 181 gainers on the whole floor, only 43 losers and 24 standstill stocks. UPCoM-Index increased 2.17 points to 95.37 points. Stocks like SHB, BVH, CTG, VPB, MBB, HCM, PVD, LPB… all hit the ceiling.

Only a few minutes later, VN-Index increased by 52.22 points (4.46%), to 1,224.17 points. VN30-Index also increased strongly to 62.59 points (5.15%) reaching 1,277.67 points. HNX-Index increased 7.99 points (2.60%) to 315.04 points. UPCoM-Index increased by 2.39 points to 95.59 points.

At the end of the session, VN-Index increased by 56.42 points (4.81%) to 1,228.37 points. HoSE recorded 425 gainers (151 gainers), 7 times higher than 58 decliners. The VN30 group recorded all 30 gainers. In which, there were even 13 stocks that reached the ceiling price such as: BID, BVH, FPT, MSN, GVR, MWG, PLX, POW…

On the HNX, the HNX-Index increased by 8.39 points (2.73%) to 315.44 points. The whole floor had 203 gainers, 38 losers and 22 standstill stocks. UPCOM-Index increased 2.69 points to 95.89 points.

The market trend was completely in favor of the buyers, with a total of 878 advancers (217 of which hit the ceiling) compared with 159 decliners. However, despite the sudden increase, market liquidity still did not improve much with the total trading value on the 3 exchanges reaching more than 16,700 billion dong, the HoSE trading floor alone decreased 3% to 13,260 billion dong. Foreign investors net sold nearly 40 billion dong on listed exchanges.

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