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Summer-style home decorations from only 16k

Summer is also the time when you need to buy new home decorations to make your home more beautiful and cool. If you’re still wondering what to buy, check out these suggestions for items home decoration below!

Summer home decorations

Wall painting

Paintings are always an indispensable decoration item in the house. Painting not only helps the walls of the house become more alive but also creates interesting highlights.

If you want to choose a unique picture with your own imprint, you can buy paintings with rhinestones. Paintings made with my own hands must have special meaning, right?

[Box tag giá] – Wall painting

Led bedroom lights

Are you looking for an LED light for the bedroom that is both beautiful and has many features? Then definitely can’t ignore LED products This lovely bird. This lamp can change many different colors depending on your preference.

Not only that, although the lamp is small, it is extremely “martial” because it can also be connected to the phone via bluetooth to play music.

[Box tag giá] – Led bedroom lights

Colorful artificial flower bouquets

To make the space of the house full of color and vitality, you can look to flowers. If you don’t have time to buy fresh flowers, artificial flowers are also a pretty good alternative. The fake flower bouquets are not only beautiful but also very durable, not worrying about fading like real flowers.

[Box tag giá] – Artificial flowers

Wooden pots for plants

And those who play the tree system must definitely buy these modern wooden pots.

With many small apartments, planting trees is somewhat difficult, so these types of wooden pots will be an extremely reasonable solution to save space. Not only that, with such a beautiful design, this potted plant also helps the space in the house become more impressive.

[Box tag giá] – Wooden pots for plants

Decorative led lights

Just think, how beautiful a small balcony or a lovely family garden that is lit up in the evening will be beautiful. The LED lights are small, but they contribute to the decoration of the house.

The sisters can also take advantage of these led lights to decorate special corners of the house such as photo display areas, photo corners, etc. to make sure everyone compliments them.

[Box tag giá] – Decorative LED lights


Curtains are an indispensable item to beautify and help block the sun in the house. If you are too tired of big and bulky curtains, then gluing is a “stabilizing” option.

You can completely choose the available curtain sizes corresponding to the door frame of the house and install it yourself easily. With an extremely “soft” price of only about 50K, you can buy a few to change it up!

[Box tag giá] – Curtains

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