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Summer welcomes the wind, winter is warm

A small house in the countryside with modern Japanese architecture, 1.5 floors, built on a land of 250m2.

A small house in the countryside of Thai Binh with modern Japanese architecture, small and beautiful, 1.5 storeys by design team Doan Manh, Nguyen Tuan and Duy Khanh. The total usable area of ​​the house is about 152m2, built on a land of 250m2, with a large yard for planting trees, parking for cars.

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The house with a fence that combines iron, concrete and wood, is simple, discreet but still shows delicate beauty.

The team of architects is very clever when using many glass doors to take advantage of natural light and wind to make the house always bright and airy.

In addition, the combination of round and square doorways makes the house a highlight, both sturdy and soft, harmoniously and animated by the movement of sunlight in the space.

Not only the architecture and landscape outside are impressive, but when stepping inside, that attraction is even more obvious when the space is designed and decorated in a delicate way, fully functional and comfortable.

Prominent on the main white tone of the whole house is furniture The color of walnut is luxurious, creating depth and certainty for the small house, in addition to the combination of potted plants, the decor creates a feeling of coolness in harmony with nature and the aesthetic is also enhanced.

Because the house has a design of 1.5 floors, the use to create the difference between high and low space, clearly separating space is also a very special point. Mr. Doan Manh – in charge of the design team shared, the investment cost of the project is about 1.5 billion VND.

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The sloped roof is suitable for Vietnam’s climate, reducing heat radiation to the house, preventing heat. Design a 1.5-storey house, maximize the usable area for the homeowner, and at the same time create artistic lines, more wind convection doors for the house. With this design, the space is cool in summer and warm in winter.
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Beautiful garden landscape, round windows bearing the shape of Japanese culture. The front porch has a high wooden floor, creating a separation from the yard, and at the same time creating a place to play and relax. Gray stone paved yard, anti-slip, ensuring safety for homeowners when using.
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Japanese-style home design never goes out of style in rural designs. This style has a combination of plants, water and materials that are close and rustic and bring in a luxurious, delicate and unusual beauty.
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The most characteristic feature in Japanese-style house design is the use of monochromatic tones (one color) to decorate and layout the space. White, brown or cream neutral colors are used to bring a sense of peace to the whole family.
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The Japanese believe that natural light is the source of vitality and energy for the house. Therefore, the spaces in the Japanese-style house have the majority of natural light, bringing vitality, fortune and health to the owner.
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The interior uses natural materials, bringing a rustic beauty to the house. Unique and eye-catching bamboo and rattan handicrafts are one of the most common materials in Japanese design style. These items contribute to the formation of a friendly living space while ensuring high aesthetics.
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Japanese-style kitchens are usually not too picky but still fully equipped and cozy. The furniture is neatly arranged and maximizes the use of space. Furniture is made mainly from natural wood, combined with green plants in the corner of the room, the foot of the stairs. When looking at the Japanese-style kitchen, we immediately see the neatness and convenience.

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Rustic polished concrete floors, true to the spirit of this style. The stairs leading to the 2nd floor are covered with clean and durable walnut wood.

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