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The expatriates in San Francisco were touched by the Prime Minister’s statement about his homeland

Spiritual motivation for overseas Vietnamese to return to their homeland

Sharing at the meeting, Mr. Toan Phuong said that the Vietnamese community in the US currently has about 2 million people. Due to historical circumstances, some Vietnamese people here have complexities and different views about their homeland, but that is only a small part.

“In my view, most Vietnamese in the US, including those who previously had dissent, now have good sympathy for the Vietnamese homeland,” he commented.

Proof of this is that millions of people have come to visit their hometowns and relatives to attest to the country’s daily socio-economic development steps.

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Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh had a friendly meeting with overseas Vietnamese in San Francisco – Photo: Nhat Bac

“Thereby proving that Vietnam’s homeland is fresher, more prosperous and becomes a spiritual motivation for those who have not yet returned to continue to return to their homeland,” said Mr. Phuong, and the whole hall applauded. .

As a small and medium-sized enterprise (SME), Mr. Phuong expressed his desire to return or connect investment between the two countries to contribute more to the homeland.

However, he also raised obstacles, SMEs are not familiar with domestic investment, do not know when they encounter problems, which agencies will support and help. Here is effective support, even agreeing to solve problems in laws and practices of the two countries…

In addition, he is also concerned about the different implementation of the policy on overseas Vietnamese at different levels. Perhaps that is why the Vietnamese business community in the US is still confused when deciding to invest in their homeland.

Since then, he hopes that these problems will be resolved by the Government and all levels so that the American business community in particular and expatriates in many parts of the world can feel secure in investing in economic development in their homeland. Vietnam.

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Most Vietnamese in the US have a passionate love for their homeland – Photo: Nhat Bac

“The government should set up a special working group on expatriates and add policies to suit the new situation. At that time, the overseas Vietnamese resources will be better aroused, truly becoming an internal force for the development of the country,” said Phuong.

Most Venerable Thich Duc Tuan, Chairman of the Vietnam Buddhist Association in the Americas, was touched by the fact that the Prime Minister stood side by side with the people in the country as well as the overseas Vietnamese in the fight against the Covid-19 epidemic.

“Through those obstacles and difficulties, we can see the solidarity of the whole people. People in the South, the North or the Central region are all Vietnamese with red blood and yellow skin, with a patriotic spirit from the bottom of their hearts. That sentiment never changes,” the Venerable shared.

The Venerable sent to the Prime Minister a proposal related to the preservation of Vietnamese culture and language. In fact, many children in the 3rd generation almost forgot Vietnamese. “Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to maintaining and living Vietnamese in the overseas Vietnamese community so that the children don’t forget their origin,” emphasized the Venerable.

Le Lien from the Association of Vietnamese Youth and Students in the US expressed her awareness of the importance of contributing part of her efforts to the development of the country. This concern is not only mine but also of many Vietnamese overseas.

“Many young intellectuals, after a long period of training abroad, have the desire to return to their homeland to dedicate themselves. However, due to cultural differences, due to being away from Vietnam for a long time, most young intellectuals choose to work in the private sector. The group of intellectuals who want to participate directly in the state apparatus do not have the conditions to access work opportunities and information about the annual civil service exam,” Le Lien stated.

Since then, I hope that the Prime Minister and ministers will consider creating a portal that summarizes job opportunities in the state apparatus so that intellectuals who are abroad can learn and prepare before returning. countryside…

In addition, some overseas Vietnamese reminded the Prime Minister and ministries not to make History an elective subject, but to strengthen teaching social science subjects, including history with attractive teaching methods. .

Homeland for each person is only one

Sharing with expatriates about the difficulties in the prevention of the Covid-19 epidemic over the past time, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh said: “Those are losses that we have never seen before.”

However, through difficulties, the spirit of great national solidarity is multiplied, and the more profoundly “Vietnamese people are one, rivers can dry up, mountains can erode, but that truth never changes”. .

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The Prime Minister acknowledged and highly appreciated the contributions of overseas Vietnamese in general and overseas Vietnamese in the US in particular to the country’s general achievements and Vietnam-US relations – Photo: Nhat Bac

The head of the Government thanked the expatriates during the past 35 years for their material and spiritual contributions to the construction of the country, so that the country “has the fortune, potential, position and prestige like today.” today.

The Prime Minister said that the Party and State define “overseas Vietnamese as an indispensable and inseparable part of the Vietnamese ethnic community”. Because “one’s homeland is only one. Family and country are two but one, one but two. The further away from home, the older they become, the more they look to their homeland and country, just as the old saying goes: “fallen leaves return to the roots”.

As soon as the Prime Minister finished speaking, a round of applause from the expatriates resounded throughout the hall.

Besides, the Prime Minister also reminded, overseas Vietnamese must try to keep the national cultural identity, love and respect each other, have sincere feelings for relatives and friends. The General Secretary said that “culture remains, the country remains”, when talking about culture, it is about history, Vietnamese culture is not to be subdued, the more difficult it is, the stronger it is, not inferior to the nation.

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The Prime Minister wishes that overseas Vietnamese are always healthy, live, work, study stably, develop business, always be proud, preserve, promote and develop the cultural identity of Vietnam, towards the homeland. Country’s scent – Photo: Nhat Bac

The Prime Minister asked overseas representative agencies to take care of people’s lives. Agencies create the most favorable conditions for people living in the host country.

“When working with American leaders and responsible people, I always mention this issue. They approve and appreciate the contribution of Vietnamese people to them, and in the spirit of the law, they will create favorable conditions to help them. help,” said the Prime Minister.

Regarding the proposal that history should not be an elective subject, the Prime Minister said that he had recently directed relevant agencies to absorb the opinions of scientists and the people to absorb and teach history appropriately. with the situation. The Ministry of Education and Training has also explained that students who finish secondary school already have a basic knowledge of history. Therefore, from 10th to 12th grade is an option.

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Prime Minister and overseas Vietnamese at the meeting – Photo: Nhat Bac

However, the head of the Government also suggested the agencies consider. Because cultural and historical traditions have not been popularized much, while the treasure trove of Vietnamese legends has many meaningful stories.

For example, the story of Son Tinh Thuy Tinh teaches “No matter where the water rises, the house will be high; the story of Au Co with a hundred eggs reminds us that whether we live in the forest or in the sea, whether we live in or outside of the country, we are all brothers; or the story of Saint Giong.” Talking about patriotism, when the boy was only 3 years old, when he heard that the country had an enemy, he quickly grew up to fight the enemy…

“Regarding short-term training for overseas students, I find it very necessary because long-term study abroad lacks information and knowledge of domestic laws. The Government will work with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to study and organize the implementation of the program. now,” said the Prime Minister.

Thu Hang (from San Francisco)

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