The income is too high, the teacher’s salary is cut by more than 300 million dong/year

Shenzhen has long emerged as a promising land for students of education in China. Partly because wages in this city are much higher than the national average.

Last year, a leaked salary sheet of a teacher at a public school in Shenzhen showed that the teacher’s average annual salary was 350,000 yuan (nearly 1.2 billion dong), including basic salaries, allowances and salaries. performance bonus.

This is more than four times the salary of teachers in other cities such as Shanxi and Hunan.

Incredibly high salaries also come with strict recruitment requirements. Most schools in Shenzhen prioritize recruiting graduates of famous universities, PhD students, and masters to study abroad.

Income is too high, teachers are cut more than 300 million dong/year salary - 1

In fact, requests to cut teachers’ salaries in Shenzhen have been around for many years. In early 2022, this wave re-emerged. By last March, Chinese officials finally made the adjustment.

Accordingly, the salary of teachers in Shenzhen has been cut quite a lot. The average salary of a teacher in Shenzhen fell to 250,000 yuan a year, down sharply from 350,000 yuan in the past.

Many Chinese netizens expressed their support for the decision of the education industry, saying that it was beneficial to promote educational equity.

“The salary reduction is reasonable. In addition, it is necessary to increase the salary of teachers in remote areas. They are teaching in a difficult working environment, which contributes great value to agricultural education. village”, a Weibo account commented.

For their part, many teachers in Shenzhen expressed their displeasure. They claim that with this cut, their salaries are not even as good as their colleagues in some small cities.

According to Sohuthe number of applicants applying to schools in Shenzhen this year plummeted, by nearly 90% after the decision to cut wages in March.

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