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The more you watch the underground storm, the weaker it gets in many ways

The more I watch ‘Underground Storm’, the more I feel that the movie is drowning in many ways.

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As far as I know, the drama Underground storm is slowly coming to an end. A rather long film, occupying the prime time wave most evenings of the week and also attracting the attention of a large audience.

However, the more I watched it, the more I felt that the film was drowning in many aspects.

In particular, the logic in the movie is very poor, leading to a feeling of disappointment for the viewer.

The character of policewoman Ha Lam (played by actress Cao Thai Ha) has many extremely absurd points.

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Cao Thai Ha as Ha Lam in the movie “Underground Storm”.

Firstly, a lieutenant who just graduated from the police academy, full of life and enthusiasm in his twenties, is being trusted by the leader to take part in a very large project, but it seems that this female police officer is not the only one who is responsible for her life. very weak.

There was just a little misunderstanding in personal feelings, but without knowing the top, he showed his merciless end to his teammates.

Moreover, this female police officer character is built by the director into a literary, martial arts character, like a steel rose in the police force.

However, just participating in the project for the first time, being assigned the task of approaching the audience in the rich world, she showed signs of being far away from the extremely noble ideal of a police soldier who is willing to sacrifice himself to protect the police. protect the peace of the people.

If an ordinary person practices martial arts, his will is already very high. By the way, Ha Lam not only practices martial arts, but she is also educated and trained in a very disciplined and strict police environment… is it easy for her to forget all the knowledge and bravery of an outstanding student? color in the Police Academy or what?

What’s more absurd is that when Ha Lam’s identity as an assistant to a drug lord is in danger of being exposed because her television image caught the eye of a negative police officer.

untitled 1 98
A scene from the movie.

In this segment, the director’s handling is very cumbersome and unreasonable.

Let her return to a district before a delegation of the provincial police arrives to create the impression that the image on TV is just a coincidence…

In fact, it is not easy to do so, because if in doubt, they just need to call each other to verify.

Moreover, the rush to return her to the district will be very loopy because it is not in the district that there are no bad policemen who have had relations with the other drug lord….

There are many flaws in the film that make the audience disappointed.

The way to address the leader and the soldier, the scene of jealousy between the hospital while on duty….

I hope the film crew will have the receptivity so that the following films can have higher quality to meet the audience’s expectations more.

Reader Nguyen Anh Dung

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