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The other victim is very heavy

The victim was transferred to Cho Ray Hospital in a state of deep coma, lack of oxygen, severe multi-organ damage.

On the morning of May 18, Mr. K.’s family (45 years old, Hiep Binh Phuoc ward, Thu Duc city) was found in an accident at the inn. The scene showed that Mr. K., his wife and son were dead. The daughter, born in 1999, was in a coma and was taken to the emergency room at Thu Duc City Hospital.

Doctors treated emergency resuscitation and transferred to Cho Ray Hospital. Dr. BS Le Quoc Hung, Head of Tropical Diseases Department, Cho Ray Hospital, said that at the time of admission, the patient was in a deep coma, his vital signs were unstable, his blood pressure dropped and he was given vasopressors.

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In the motel room, there was a death of 3 family members, suspected asphyxiation. Photo: Linh An

Subsequent tests revealed that the girl had diffuse brain damage, severe liver damage, acute kidney failure, noted muscle wasting and severe metabolic acidosis. “This is a coma without brain oxygen, severe multi-organ damage, cardiovascular collapse,” said Dr. Le Quoc Hung.

After a period of emergency resuscitation, mechanical ventilation, cerebral edema, and acid-base balance adjustment, the patient’s vital signs were temporarily stable. Although the vasopressor drug was reduced, the doctor assessed that the patient was still very serious, still in a deep coma.

It is known that Mr. K. (the victim’s father) is from Binh Thuan and has rented accommodation in Thu Duc city for more than 10 years. This family’s main job is to bake and store fish for sale at Tan Dinh market, district 1. Neighbors said that Mr. K. often cooks fish with a gas stove in his room and coal at the end of the corridor. Many suspect that this is a gas asphyxiation.

Currently, Thu Duc City police are investigating the cause of the incident.

Linh Giao

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The scene of a motel room where 3 people in a family died from asphyxiationThe room for four people in the accident is a closed room. In front of the room is the place where this family grills, stockpiles fish for sale at the market during the day.

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