Vietnam U23 meets Malaysia U23: Coach Park Hang Seo wants to solve the match in 90 minutes

Coach Park Hang-seo at the press conference before the semi-final against U23 Malaysia- Photo: Tuan Huu

“First of all, if I can win in the official 90 minutes, that’s too good. I also want this to happen,” coach Park Hang-seo opened the press conference before the semi-final.

Evaluating more about Malaysia U23, Mr. Park shared: “Malaysia often plays a 3-4-3 formation with 3 central defenders. Their two defenders who are out of place when given the opportunity, will rise and attack. In addition, they There are also situations where one-touch hits the middle is quite dangerous. But tomorrow’s match, we don’t know what formation they will use. We also have many plans to prepare for this match.”

“U23 Malaysia have scored 9 goals, but they also conceded 6 goals. Thus, each match they also lose at least 1.8 goals. This means, if we make good use of the opportunities. As a result, U23 Vietnam is completely capable of scoring against this opponent. Currently, our players are recovering mentally and physically very well. I and the whole team will try to prepare well. for the semi-finals tomorrow,” Mr. Park commented more about this opponent.

Evaluating two players playing in Belgium and Japan in the Malaysia U23 squad, Mr. Park said: “I know that out of the 20 Malaysian players present at this SEA Games, most of them are currently playing. In which, there are 2 players playing abroad.

I know, the number 10 player who plays is currently playing in Belgium. However, he did not play much in the starting XI. It’s not that I don’t appreciate him, but he rarely plays. About player No. 9, who is playing in the Third Division of Japan, I only know such information about this player. However, the forte and playing style of these two players I have also carefully studied.”

U23 Vietnam meets U23 Malaysia: Coach Park Hang Seo wants to solve the match in 90 minutes - Photo 2.

Responding to the opinion of coach Brad Maloney that U23 Vietnam is the strongest team, a candidate for the 31st SEA Games championship, Coach Park Hang Seo said: “In fact, now we have reached the semi-finals, and still have a lot of time to work towards the goals after that, but the immediate goal is to win against Malaysia in the semi-finals, then we will know who is the strongest team in this tournament.

And I also don’t care what the head coach of U23 Malaysia says before the semi-final. At this moment, I just want to be confident with my students and focus on the semi-final against U23 Malaysia. How to play well and win.”

“Let’s say, the 23-year-old cannot consider them young anymore. We can see that the current U23 Vietnamese generation, they have not had many opportunities to play in the domestic arena. Instead of saying they are young, It should be considered that they do not have much real combat experience.

The problem that they failed to pass a lot in the last match, neither I nor the coaching staff could fix it immediately. It’s a technical issue and it takes time. At this time, I and my assistants, can only psychologically influence, help them be more confident when entering the field, so that we can overcome the shortcomings we have made in the past matches,” said Park. This is the explanation for finding a remedy for the fact that U23 Vietnam passed behind quite a lot in the matches in the group stage.

“I used to think that U23 Vietnam would meet Thailand in the semi-finals. But football couldn’t say anything. But I and my assistant both watched a lot of matches of Thailand and Malaysia in Group B, because I beat I think we will meet one of these two teams in the semi-finals. Also, I’ve received a lot of information about these two opponents. But no matter who we face, we will try to do our best in this match. semi-final”, Mr. Park commented on U23 Vietnam’s sudden encounter with Malaysia U23 in the semi-finals, not Thailand U23 as originally planned.

Responding to the question, U23 Vietnam relies too much on 3 players over the age of 23, so what if one day they can’t appear on the field, the Korean captain said: “Now 3 bridges Players over 23 years old don’t have any problems, so there’s nothing to worry about them not being able to play. They have professional experience, proven class and have the ability to lead the whole team, but U23 Vietnam’s playstyle doesn’t depend entirely on them. I hope, in this semi-final, Hoang Duc, Hung Dung and Tien Linh will play their roles and help Vietnam U23 have a good performance.”

U23 Vietnam meets U23 Malaysia: Coach Park Hang Seo wants to solve the match in 90 minutes - Photo 3.

Coach Bradney John Maloney. Photo: Tuan Huu

Coach Bradney John Maloney (Malaysia U23):

“U23 Malaysia just played a game a few days ago. We adjusted some tactics in the way of playing. We had a few training sessions to prepare for the semi-final match against U23 Vietnam. To be honest, there was no team. No one wants to play more than 90 minutes. We will try to compete and hope to overcome Vietnam in 90 minutes.”

“I never said I would avoid the host team U23 Vietnam. I just said I would do my best, face the strongest teams. I respect and appreciate U23 Vietnam very much. To prepare for the semi-finals. U23 Malaysia only had one training session at Viet Tri Stadium, Phu Tho. Anyway, U23 Malaysia will try to prepare and compete for the best results.”

“To comment on U23 Vietnam this time, I think this is a strong team, under the guidance of excellent coach Mr. Park Hang-seo. They have good and cohesive gameplay. They also have quality players. quality, especially 3 people over 23 years old. Malaysia U23 is the youngest team in this tournament. We have studied our play style as well as the opponent’s to hope to have a really good match against U23 Vietnam. I will try my best to get the best result when facing U23 Vietnam”.

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