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Vietnamese man climbs Everest for the second time

Phan Thanh Nhien, the youngest Vietnamese climber ever to conquer Everest, continues to succeed in his second summit.

Reply ZingPhan Thanh Nhien confirmed that he had reached the top of Everest at about 5:30 am (Nepal time) on May 13. However, due to an unstable network connection, he has not been able to share this achievement. The climber said he was waiting for the official certificate, which is expected in the next 2-3 days.

“There are plans that I have done and there are things that have not been done. I plan to conquer Everest in 15 days and make Vietnam the country with the earliest man to summit this year. However, this plan has not come to fruition. public,” he said.

The climber said that before conquering Everest, he had climbed several other mountains in Nepal. Around this time, he realized he was fit enough to skip stations 1 and 3 on the journey to Mount Everest. Nhien said she had practiced before and was able to climb a mountain higher than 5,000 meters several times a day.

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Phan Thanh Nhien holds the Vietnamese flag to Mount Everest for the second time. Image: Kipa Sherpa.

Initially, he planned to reach the summit of Everest on May 10. However, on May 8, after going from station 2 to station 4, he encountered bad weather, so he had to return to station 2. His plan to conquer Everest soon failed. According to Explore WebPedro Queiros, a Portuguese mountaineer, is the earliest person to reach the top this year (at dawn on May 9).

Although he failed to realize this plan, he said he was still proud when he set foot on Everest for the second time.

In this year’s climb, he was selected by the Government of Nepal to lead a team of 8 members from 6 countries. With his experience, he said he has helped 6 people to succeed to the top. Currently, he is waiting for the last member to return to the station before returning to Kathmandu in 1-2 days.

“Even though the other plan failed, I succeeded in carrying my own personal equipment, including oxygen, to the top. The sherpas here also gave me the nickname Vietnamese sherpa. I also met Thanh Nha on the way to conquer Everest. She didn’t even recognize me because she thought I was a sherpa,” Nhien said.

On May 16, Nguyen Thi Thanh Nha (Céline Nha Nguyen) also became the first Vietnamese woman to set foot on Everest.

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