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Vietnamese quiz: “how many teeth do 3 chickens have”

To answer all Vietnamese questions seems impossible because this language is both diverse and rich, and has many different types of puzzles. Moreover, they also make full use of the most difficult things of Vietnamese to ask questions such as homonyms, synonyms, antonyms… So even Vietnamese sometimes have to give up.

The most typical example is the form of sentences using homonyms because the word one word can have many different meanings, so the puzzles also follow that brain hack. If you do not believe, try immediately with the question below:

How many teeth do three chickens have in all?

Vietnamese quiz: How many teeth do 3 chickens have - Quick answer in 2 seconds - Photo 1.

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Referring to “teeth” everyone thinks of it as a hard, calcified structure located on the jaws of many chordates, used to grind food. Before this question, everyone is stuck because they do not know how many teeth a chicken has. However, this is a word puzzle question, so it is necessary to find the answer in a broader way of thinking than the usual meaning.

The answer to this question is: Chicken has no teeth

The reason chickens are animals that do not chew,When dissecting a chicken, an organ known as the gizzard can be found, which is zoologically known as the muscular stomach or sandbag. The gizzard is very supple, while the inner wall of the gizzard has a yellow, corrugated skin that is also very flexible.

Vietnamese quiz: How many teeth do 3 chickens have - Quick to answer in 2 seconds - Photo 2.

When the food reaches the gizzard, they will be mixed. Chicken gizzard is a muscle bagthick. Under the strong peristalsis of the chicken gizzard, kneading, crushing, and rubbing the food, after a while, the food is very quickly crushed into a paste.

Moreover, before the food enters the chicken’s gizzard, it has been lying for a while in the kite (the bulge of the esophagus) and the gastric gland (the stomach in front of the gizzard), under the influence of various digestive juices, preliminary “processed” into relatively soft food.

It’s as simple as that, but this question has troubled countless people. So if you want to solve more puzzles, you have to hone your knowledge of Vietnamese.

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