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When marriage comes to this stage, you should set up a “black fund”

More than a quarter of couples consider yes black fund being unfaithful, worse than physical betrayal, but 44% of those surveyed admitted to having slush funds, according to

Most couples will often consolidate their finances after marriage, so many people believe that there are many men who set up a “black fund” to cover mistresses and provide for their own children outside. While the issue of mistress, stepchild is a taboo thing in marriage, it can cause the family to break up at any time. Therefore, “black funds” are seen as the enemy of marriage. If the husband and wife establish a “black fund” it is not pure.

However, in the era of the market economy, it is becoming more and more common for women and men to do economic work not inferior to each other. In the family, both husband and wife have equal income, even the woman can do more than her husband. Therefore, the majority of this group of people admit that “black funds” are not so important in their family happiness.

They believe that in addition to creating a common budget for the family, each person can set up a small amount to spend separately. Most of the time, when asked about this, many husbands think that women are always ready to give money to their husbands so that they can give some money to their parents-in-law, give their brothers-in-law a few hundred tomorrow, or help their uncles and aunts. husband’s aunt and uncle a few hundred is not possible. I live a rich life, but difficult relatives can’t help me, I can only tell my wife once or twice, but not often.

Therefore, each man also needs a small amount to do those things. In addition, they also need external diplomacy, so they cannot always be with their wives to withdraw money to spend on these things.

Sharing the same view, many women also believe that it is impossible for husband and wife to hide from each other to help their loved ones. When the family’s economy is temporarily enough, it is natural that a husband or wife wants to help their family members. It’s just that the female psychology is a bit selfish and doesn’t want to be able to open the wallet easily so that her husband can comfortably spend this amount. Well, just accept that your husband has his own account to do these jobs on your behalf. Therefore, this department is completely free to accept the fact that there is a “black fund” in the family.

When marriage comes to this stage, you should set up a

“Black Fund” is not always a negative factor. Illustration

In the same vein, the situations below where you are advised to have a “black fund”, especially when the marriage has reached the point of starting to have serious problems, such as a lack of trust or commitment, people will tend to set up a black fund with a large amount of money.

1. When “rice is not healthy – soup is not sweet”

In recent years, the divorce rate has increased, the cause also originates from many sides. There are marriages that have not been brought to court because they are still economically dependent, especially women. Even though married life is no different from hell, they still do not dare to divorce because they are dependent, or are economically restrained from their husband’s side.

When divorced, women’s lives are often more uncertain and unstable than men’s, so most single mothers have psychological problems after the divorce, mostly economic factors.

2. Your partner is abusive and you want to get out of the relationship

If you live with an abuser, liberation is a difficult process. In addition to causing physical and psychological harm, abusers also want to manipulate the victim’s finances such as taking money, controlling spending or interfering with work…. This makes the victim dependent. basic needs such as food and shelter.

If they decide to get out of this situation, the victims should secretly accumulate savings to take care of themselves and their children in the future.

3. Want to give as a gift to your biological parents, family members?

After marriage, the economic employment in the family will almost always have a disparity, who will earn more and those who will contribute less. At this time, the person who earns less money and wants to spend something separate for his biological parents or siblings will feel embarrassed with his partner.

Having a black fund will help them be more active in helping their family members and close friends without necessarily telling their husbands, if the money is the wife’s earnings.

4. Are you planning a surprise?

If you want to give your husband/lover a surprise gift on a birthday or anniversary, it will be difficult to hide it if you make it public. In this case, of course you may have to sneak up on the money.

Every couple manages their finances differently. Therefore, the degree of sharing and interference in the other’s finances depends on each family. It is important not to lie or cheat.

“Transparency and openness about finances and how to manage money as a couple doesn’t mean going public,” says financial planner Anastasio.

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