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11 art units participate in the 2022 Tuong and Folklore Festival

The Performing Arts Department cooperates with the Vietnam Association of Theater Artists, the Department of Culture and Sports of Nghe An province and related units to organize the Festival. Tuong and National Folk Music and Drama – 2022. National Festival of Tuong and Folk Opera – 2022 has an important meaning in order to preserve, promote and promote the unique traditional and folk performing arts values ​​of Vietnam. Vietnam and create conditions for professional art units.

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Outstanding Artist Tran Ly Ly, Acting Director of the Performing Arts Department speaks at the Festival.

Speaking at the first performance, Meritorious Artist Tran Ly Ly, Acting Director of the Performing Arts Department, shared: The Festival of Tuong and Folk Opera is a career activity of performing arts units, an opportunity for artists to perform. Artists show their passion for their profession, practice hard, accumulate quintessence to compete and shine more, the Festival is an activity for artists, managers, authors, directors to have the opportunity opportunities to exchange, exchange and learn from each other valuable experiences to improve and improve the artistic performance of each individual and unit, thereby giving appropriate directions of activities, building measures. to build high-quality repertoires, plays and art programs to serve the people.

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A scene from the show on the opening night of the Festival.

This year’s festival attracts the participation of more than 600 artists from 11 professional Tuong and Folk Opera art units across the country, including: Nghe An Traditional Arts Center, Traditional Arts Theater Thanh Hoa Traditional Art Theater, Hue Opera and Opera Theater, Vietnam Tuong Theater, Nguyen Hien Dinh Tuong Theater, Hue Royal Traditional Art Theater, Ha Tinh Province Traditional Art Theater, Quang Nam Opera Troupe , Khanh Hoa Traditional Art Troupe, Binh Dinh Traditional Art Theater, Ho Chi Minh City Boi Theater of Singing Arts.

The Organizing Committee wants the artists participating in the Festival to shine, bring all their artistic talents, and bring quality art shows to serve the audience and the people. Members of the Arts Council should work hard, impartially and objectively to select talented artists and quality art shows.

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To celebrate this special event, the artists and actors of Nghe An Traditional Arts Center performed the first competition with the play. Stork wings in the storm (Author: Writer Nguyen Quang Vinh; Adapted script: Meritorious Artist Nguyen An Ninh; Director: People’s Artist Le Hung). Stork wings in the storm is the image of a female cadre assigned to be the president of a mountainous district in the western part of the province. She had to face many difficulties and challenges, with a conservative, stagnant cadre system, old ways, familiar ways, not daring to change, allergy to talent, acting as a barrier to her ascent. district… By bravery, intelligence, dare to think, dare to do; spirit of energy, characteristic of Nghe culture and people, she overcame all difficulties and barriers; overcome the storm of nature, the storm of the heart. She has built the developer district going up. That is also the image of the new human being that society is aiming for.

The festival will take place for 11 days with the participation of many works such as: The stork wings in the storm, Khuc Gia Trang wakes up the waves of the south, Hoa Nhat Nhat Dan, Waiting, Being a King, The sacred soul of mountains and rivers, The swan shirt, Emperor Le Dai Hanh, Holy King of the Le Dynasty, Miss God, Nun Huong Trang, Hoang Trung Do Ward, Going through a stormy day, Frost covered the royal palace, Glow, Against the waves….

After the opening night, the next contest schedule belongs to the Vietnam Tuong Theater, Hue Royal Art Theater, Ho Chi Minh City Boi Art Theater, Thanh Hoa Traditional Art Theater… Nights Performances of the National Tuong and Folklore Festival – 2022 are Livestreamed on Youtube of Vietnam Performing Arts and Fanpage of the Department of Performing Arts.

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