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3 ways to wear the “lemon discharge” dress of Mrs. Melania Trump

Among the former First Lady, Melania Trump is still a prominent name that attracts many people’s attention. Not only in the political field – as the woman accompanying former President Donald Trump – Mrs. Melania Trump is also a name that is interested by the fans. She has an elegant and classy fashion sense; Simple yet elegant. As a former model, Mrs. Melania Trump is also extremely focused on fashion; and every time she appeared, she also made people admire the outfits she wore. In particular, the style of Mrs. Melania Trump is not too far-fetched, you can completely learn the style of her clothes to enhance the everyday office style. Typically, 3 ways to dress up with Melania Trump’s skirt below will help your style be more flattering and luxurious.

1. Sleeveless dress

If you are wondering to find a really luxurious and elegant dress for the summer, a sleeveless dress like Melania Trump will be a suggestion that you cannot ignore. This is the type of dress that is very favored by Mrs. Melania Trump when wearing it over and over again. She often chooses light-hugging dresses with horizontal sewn shoulders, so even though it’s a sleeveless dress, this design still feels elegant and well-groomed.

Compared to models of strapless skirts and camisole dresses, the shoulderless sleeveless dress like Melania Trump’s also helps her image to have a modern and seductive look without being afraid of being too flashy or too sexy. This style of dress is worn by Mrs. Melania Trump in many different events, from important political events to daily activities. For girls with sloping shoulders, you can choose sleeveless dresses with collars to help cover up your blemishes effectively.

2. Use belts to flatter your figure

When wearing a skirt or a long coat, a blazer, Mrs. Melania Trump often uses an extra belt to increase the effect of her figure. A belt will help separate the upper and lower body clearly, making the wearer appear taller. Besides, the belt also helps to highlight the second round, making the body look soft and feminine. Mrs. Melania Trump especially favors large belts with a clear waist, making the hourglass body displayed in a subtle and elegant way.

The office lady can also easily learn from Melania Trump’s belt style to apply in her daily style. When choosing a belt, you should choose models with a moderately wide horizontal section, avoid choosing too small belts. As for the color, the belt should have a simple color, focusing on the basic colors so that it can be combined with many different outfits.

3. Solid color dress

One style of dress that is also very loved by Mrs. Melania Trump is the solid color dress. Solid color dresses with sturdy fabrics, stylized designs create a feeling of luxury and elegance without being too ostentatious. In addition, the solid color dresses that Mrs. Melania Trump chose to wear still focus on the design of the light waist or the highlight in the 2nd round to help enhance the figure effectively.

When wearing embossed skirts, Melania Trump also deliberately chose to wear accessories such as shoes and gloves to create synchronization for the set. With dresses that have outstanding and sophisticated designs, on the contrary, Mrs. Melania Trump is minimalist in circles and earrings, she usually only emphasizes with a pair of beautiful small stone earrings to avoid the overall mess. eye. style-20220517130841007.chn

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