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4 favorite beauty brands in the UK are coming to Vietnam

Faced with the current situation of the Vietnamese market, where fake and poor-quality cosmetics are rampant, RoseeGlory of Rosee UK company confidently goes deep into serving consumers in the field of genuine cosmetics with the advantages of understanding. Knowledge of foreign goods, proactive in transportation, knowledgeable about import and export processes between countries.

Not choosing high-end products because it only serves a small number of people with high incomes, RoseeGlory aspires to bring value to the community, so that everyone has the opportunity to experience popular cosmetics from the UK. .

With that desire, in May 2022, RoseeGlory introduced and distributed 4 product brands from the UK – where the highest product quality is required in the world with the most suitable price.

Altruist – Top advanced technology sunscreen

Developed by Dr. Andrew Birnie and some of the best scientists in Europe, Altruist has applied a wide range of UV filters, including the most advanced Tinosorb A2B filter available today. According to information from the manufacturer, the product feels easily absorbed, is not sticky and does not leave residue, is hypoallergenic and does not use fragrances.

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After a period of distribution by Rosee UK Trading & Service Co., Ltd in Vietnam, the Altruist Sunscreen product from the UK has quickly won the hearts of Vietnamese consumers with its strong, modern and safe sunscreen advantages. safe, benign, reasonable price and environmentally friendly. Altruist is a product suitable for all families, can be used safely for both adults and children, including pregnant women.

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In May 2022, Altruist continued to introduce 3 new product lines with interesting features in Vietnam, ensuring a diversified supply of high quality skin protection products to Vietnamese consumers.

Balylis & Harding: Sophistication – luxury – sustainability

Sophistication – luxury – sustainability are also 3 words people often think of when talking about Baylis & Harding. This is a quintessential British brand, owned and loved by every family. Founded in 1970 in the heart of England, from a family business, Baylis & Harding has grown to become an award-winning and internationally successful company.

Baylis & Harding specializes in luxury body care products and gift sets to bring that everyday luxury into every home. The brand’s prominence comes from the way its creators breathe love into each product.

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Baylis & Harding’s mission is to bring love to everyone, through quality skin care products and luxury gift sets.

Baylis & Harding products are beautifully packaged, delicate, and smell great. The ingredients of the products come from nature, are suitable for all skin types, with recycled packaging that protects the environment and is especially safe for the lives of animals.

Cyclax: Minimalist product, meeting British royal certification standards

Cyclax is a British skincare pioneer, founded in 1896, used by the Royal Family and revived in 2021 by Three Pears. Cylax’s products are certified cosmetic product safety by GCRS Global organization according to European standards.

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With the motto Back-to-basic, Cyclax brings products with simple ingredients and designs, affordable prices suitable for all audiences, aiming to spread healthy skin care from the beginning. so you can always confidently shine your natural beauty.

Florence: The Top Organic Facial Serum on Amazon

A brand from the UK but created by the Italians, with certified quality dermatologically tested, passing the eye contour irritation test excellently, Florence aims to be a company Totally sustainable beauty.

Florence’s products are created based on the abundant organic plant source in Italy, attracting those interested in organics products, aiming for quality products from nature and protecting the environment.

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Florence’s mission is to beautify nature, to bring you organic products with pure, high quality ingredients to help you find your own beauty.

The product introduction ceremony from these 4 brands will take place at Intercontinental Hanoi Westlake at 10:00 am, Friday, May 20, 2022.

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