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4 mistakes that make women use ineffective sunscreen

According to beauty care experts, the use of sunscreen every day is very important, this is not only related to aesthetic problems but also directly affects the health of your skin, of which two things are: The biggest concern is the speed of aging and skin cancer.

Here are 4 mistakes women often make when using sunscreen, making it impossible for sunscreen to work at its maximum, but sometimes even hindering sunscreen from working on the skin.

1. Choosing the wrong sun protection index

Sunscreen ratings on a bottle of sunscreen include SPF and PA. Where PA is the level of protection your skin from UVA rays, the higher the level is represented by the more plus signs. Currently, according to the publication, sunscreens can achieve the highest PA protection level of 5 plus signs.

SPF is an indicator of how long your skin can be protected from the sun. Specifically, it will be calculated according to certain formulas, for example sunscreen with SPF 30 will be able to protect your skin for 10 x 30 = 300 minutes.

But on a hot summer day, if you have to go out, you should use a sunscreen of at least SPF 50 and even if you are indoors all day, you should also use sunscreen with an SPF of 15.

2. Only use sunscreen when it’s sunny

This is a huge mistake of the sisters. Because UV rays you cannot see with the naked eye and the impact index of UV rays is also not completely dependent on the sun. So when it’s cool or shady, it’s because the clouds have blocked the sun, and UV rays can still completely pass through the clouds.

You only stop using sunscreen when it is nighttime, specifically around 6pm, to ensure that the UV rays are down to 0 and no longer affect your skin.

3. Not enough sunscreen is applied and only applied once

Sunscreen, no matter how high the protection factor is, can not protect your skin if not used in the right dose. The amount of cream to be applied depends on the width of each person’s face and the texture of thick or thin sunscreen. However, the generally recommended dosage is still about the size of a dime per face.

For sunscreen to work most effectively, it should be applied at least twice a day and more if you swim, swim or spend a lot of time outdoors. Many women make the mistake that only applying sunscreen once in the morning before going to work and then leaving it until the afternoon, wet sweat will make the sunscreen go away somewhat and reduce its effectiveness significantly.

4. Use multiple layers of makeup on top of sunscreen

Whether you apply sunscreen before or after the other steps depends on whether the sunscreen you are using is physical or chemical. Chemical sunscreens need to bond with the skin to form a film that absorbs and disperses UV rays, so they need to be applied the day after toner or liquid serum. The physical form protects the skin by creating a barrier to prevent UV rays from penetrating, so it can be applied after moisturizer.

But no matter what, sunscreen should still be applied before makeup. Because many layers of makeup overlap, the sunscreen will be diluted, thereby limiting their original function.

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