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A series of Nghe An teachers were asked for debt in a ‘gangster’ style

Share with VietNamNetMr. Nguyen Trong Giap, Principal of Yen Thanh 2 High School (Yen Thanh district) said that although he did not borrow money, a week ago, he and many other teachers in the school were called by strange phone numbers to threaten him. threats, debt collection and pressure.

According to Mr. Giap, the reason is that a teacher at LXL school has a loan from a financial company but has not been able to pay by the due date.

“At first, they called Mr. L. to borrow some money, and asked me to direct Mr. L. to repay the debt. I said that the teachers’ external debt was not related to the school, they kept calling and threatening. Make several calls a day with many different phone numbers, regardless of time.

Whenever I answer the phone, I yell and threaten. Their purpose is for me to pressure Mr. L. to pay their debt, but I don’t have that function, it’s a civil transaction,” said Mr. Giap.

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The vice principal in Nghe An was asked to repay the debt even though he did not borrow it (photo TH)

Next, the debt collection group used many phone numbers to text, call, threaten, and mentally terrorize many other teachers in Yen Thanh 2 High School. In addition, they also called Giap’s former students, making up put the teacher Giap owed money.

“Many of my former students called me to tell me that a group of people called students to say that I owed money and refused to pay it,” said Mr. Giap.

In addition to “attacking” Mr. L’s colleagues, the debt collection team also called and texted the administrators and dozens of teachers of Phan Dang Luu Secondary School (Yen Thanh town), where his wife’s school Mr. L is working.

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Principal of Phan Dang Luu Secondary School was slandered with debt

Ms. Ngo Thi Hien – Principal of Phan Dang Luu Secondary School said that from May 11 until now, she has received many debt collection calls every day, making herself very tired.

In addition, the debt collection group also posted information that Ms. Hien and the vice principal borrowed a loan on social networks with the content “ask Ms. Hien to pay the debt urgently”, harassing dozens of teachers in the school.

After the incident, Phan Dang Luu Secondary School reported the incident to Yen Thanh District Police.

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Phan Dang Luu Secondary School where dozens of teachers were harassed by phones

Mr. LXL said that in 2018, he had an unsecured loan of 32 million VND to treat herniated disc disease and they let the debt be paid in installments. Mr. L has been paying for 15 months, with about 22 million VND, then due to Covid-19 he stopped for a few months.

“I went back to pay in December and they said I had 26 million left, then I paid one installment of 3 million and another 1.5 million. Then in March I went down to pay again, on the system they said there was 27 million left. so I wonder, the numbers are not accurate.

Their staff called me the other day, but I was in class so I couldn’t hear. They saw that I didn’t answer the phone, so they thought I wouldn’t pay, and then that afternoon they called everywhere to disturb the people around me, making me very shy,” said Mr. L.

According to Mr. L., on the afternoon of May 17, he went to the bank to pay the remaining debt, which has now reached nearly 28 million VND.

In total, the debt of 32 million VND after nearly 4 years has reached 50 million VND. As soon as Mr. L. finished the debt, the other teachers were not bothered.

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