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Afraid of revealing the affair, the wife performed a play that made her husband ashamed when it was revealed

At 2 a.m., Baiyun police station (Guangzhou) suddenly received a call from a woman named Thu Mo reporting that she had been raped by a new man. The police immediately arrived at the scene and arrested the suspect.

Thu Mo told Sina newspaper that she and the suspect meet each other online. At 9 p.m. the night before, the two of them arranged to meet at the park. After drinking the water bottle given by the suspect, she lost consciousness and was taken to an apartment to rape her.

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The wife made up the play of being raped so as not to reveal the affair. Illustrations

However, the police wondered why the suspect after raping Thu Mo did not leave the scene and his face when he was arrested was not worried at all. After several hours of using psychological measures, Thu Mo finally revealed the truth to the police.

It turned out that she and the man above met online, then arranged to meet and rent a room. She didn’t expect her husband to come home from work at night like this, so she rushed home. To prove her innocence against her husband’s suspicions, Thu Mo dialed 110 to report rape to the police.

As soon as he heard about his wife’s play, the embarrassed husband left.

Adulterous women will reveal the following 5 details

When a woman commits adultery, it is very difficult to hide because when she is dominated by emotions, she loses the ability to think logically and control her behavior, easily revealing the following 5 “deadly” signs, if her husband The observant can easily detect:

I no longer want to be near my husband

Between husband and wife, passion is of course undisputed. Sex life is like a special kind of “right and duty” between husband and wife – the right and duty to love, the right and the duty to make each other happy.

However, when a woman has an affair, she will no longer ask for it from her husband, and even at some point refuses to perform “being a wife” for various reasons. The reason is because she has hidden another man in her heart.

Become secret

Her phone password has been changed, the phone calls are surreptitious. All conversations in her chat software are deleted. After reading, you start to see your wife becoming mysterious. In fact, she is hiding something from you.

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Changing the way you dress in a confusing way

When a laid-back person suddenly likes to dress up and pays a lot of attention to fashion, in fact, this often indicates a change in their inner self. Think about how many years of living with her friend, she did not care about appearance but suddenly became very fussy, is that care for appearance for you?

Suddenly acting abnormal

She’s suddenly being nice to you even though she wouldn’t normally act like that. When a person feels guilty inside, they will find a way to make it up to the other person later, often this is a reaction of some residual conscience but it is not enough for them to stop their sinful actions.

The presence of the opposite sex is not clear

When a woman loves you, she only sees you in her eyes and doesn’t care about other men. But when women cheat, more or less people of the opposite sex appear around them, and you can be vague about these relationships because she doesn’t want to introduce you.

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