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American engineer proposed to 9X Vietnamese after 5 days, got married, moved home, cooked, squeezed his wife’s feet

Received a marriage proposal after 5 days of meeting and decided to get engaged, have a long-term relationship with each other after 10 days, the love story of Sister Tien (named Amber Baliva, 24 years old, Da Nang) and her engineer husband Francisco Antonio Baliva (34 years old, US nationality) happened very quickly. However, after 3 years of being in the same house, they have never regretted this hasty decision of theirs.

Currently, Tien has a small happy home with her husband and 13-month-old son Vincenzo Baliva in New York, USA. She works in the beauty and nail industry, and her husband is an engineer in the field of housing in the family company that deals in building materials.

American engineer proposed to 9X Vietnamese after 5 days, got married, moved home, cooked, and squeezed his wife's feet - Photo 1.

Tien’s small nest.

Falling in love with the beautiful 9X Da Nang, the American guy proposed after 5 days of meeting

Tien and her husband My met each other through the introduction of a relative. At that time, both of them were not impressed with each other. Francisco doesn’t want to know anyone, especially since the geographical distance between them is too great, he is afraid that it will be difficult to continue to make acquaintances. And Tien is concerned about the age of both when he is 10 years older than her, a bit older than her. However, after being persuaded and talked by relatives, after 1 month, Francisco decided to book a ticket to Vietnam to meet her for the first time.

“My first impression when I met him was that he was really different in photos, on the phone, very handsome and friendly. He was very shaken when he saw me and hugged me right at the airport. As for me, he said that when he first saw me, he wanted to marry me.” Tien smiled and said.

If at first, he was hesitant about the distance, after meeting her, he changed completely. Especially, they felt that they were more compatible than ever, so after only 5 days of meeting, Francisco decided to propose to her. And only 10 days after returning to Vietnam, the couple got engaged and had a long-term relationship.

“When I took him to Linh Ung pagoda in Da Nang, where we both looked at the sea, suddenly he took out his ring and asked, “Do you want to be my wife?” I was surprised and agreed. Turns out, he asked his father to take him to buy a ring and secretly didn’t tell me.” Tien said.

American engineer proposed to 9X Vietnamese after 5 days, got married, moved home, cooked, squeezed his wife's feet - Photo 2.

Francisco wanted to marry her the first time he met her.

Sharing about the reason why both of them decided to get married quickly, Tien confided that, after finding out, what made her decide to marry him was because they were in the same situation and lost their mother. In particular, he was very attentive, loving and caring for her little by little. Not only that, he is very friendly and cares about her family as well as his family. That’s what made her unhesitating when she agreed to be his wife after only 5 meeting a guy halfway around the world.

In addition, because the two knew each other through the introduction of their family members, they both loved each other. Her family considers Francisco like a son and loves him very much.

Husband is like a queen

Ms. Tien and Mr. Francisco got married in 2019. They held their engagement ceremony in Vietnam and the wedding ceremony was held in the US. Saying this, she smiled and said that it was not until her wedding day that she could meet everyone in her husband’s family. My wife and I and everyone danced and drank all night. Her father-in-law was the one who danced with her at the very happy wedding.

After getting married, she and her husband understood each other better and shared more. The two spend time together playing, cooking extremely happily. If at first she felt it was difficult for the couple to integrate when they were different in life and eating culture, after a while, she learned to adapt to eating, and at the same time, she also cooked many different Vietnamese dishes. for husband. Thanks to that, with the efforts of the couple, she gradually got along. Currently, she feels fine and doesn’t have too many problems in her married life.

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When she first came to the US, she faced many difficulties to integrate.

Tien confided that although the decision to get married was very quick, she never regretted it, especially when going through the time of pregnancy and giving birth in a foreign country, she loved her husband even more. From the time he met her until she got married and when she was pregnant, Francisco took care of and cared for her like a queen.

When she missed home, he took her to eat Vietnamese dishes near her place, cooked dishes for her to try, cleaned the house and helped her with laundry and dishes. When she was pregnant, he cried in happiness and took care of her little by little, unable to put on shoes and socks, he was always the one to bring her when he went out without her asking for help. He always massaged her feet after she got home from work and when she was pregnant. He also always asked how she felt, made her happy when she was sad.

After giving birth, he supported her with everything to take care of the child, he was the one who took care of the child more than her sister. When a newborn needs to wake up to feed and change diapers, he’s always the one who gets up and does everything, not waking her to rest. He plays with his son every day, so he is more attached to his father than to his mother.

For a real expatriate, I feel lonely during pregnancy and miss my loved ones, but fortunately my husband understands that, so he always cares and loves me a lot during pregnancy. When I want to eat something, I go to buy it from far away, every night I massage my limbs because I have aches and pains and a little swollen feet.

After giving birth, I had many stretch marks, which made me feel very self-deprecating and sad, but my husband said “it’s okay, you should be proud because it’s a vestige of a mother after a long battle, so later no matter what, he still feels it’s really beautiful”, I’m really happy about this.” Tien confided.

American engineer proposed to 9X Vietnamese after 5 days, got married, moved home, cooked, squeezed his wife's feet - Photo 4.

He took great care of her.

Not only her husband, but also her parents-in-law are very concerned, she remembers when her mother-in-law was seriously ill still trying to knit a scarf for her for fear of not being able to meet her. When she was in Vietnam, she called her daughter-in-law and treated her like her own daughter. Her father-in-law loves her very much, always asking about her and her children, helping her adapt and harmonize life in America.

The American engineer proposed to 9X Vietnamese after 5 days, got married, moved home, cooked, and squeezed his wife's feet - Photo 5.

For Ms. Tien, for a happy and lasting marriage, understanding and sympathy are very important. When approaching a marriage that is the companionship of 2 people on the same path, sometimes there will be joys and sorrows and difficulties, but as long as you believe in this marriage, in your companion, everything will be fine. difficulties and challenges are surmountable.

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