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Apple testing color e-Ink technology for folding screens

Analyst Ming-chi Kuo has just said that Apple is testing technology e-Ink Electronic Paper Display (EPD) is aimed at future folding devices.

According to AppleInsidere-Ink is a popularly known technology on e-readers Amazon Kindle, however Apple has also been working on the technology since 2011. Now, Mr. Kuo says Apple is actually testing a color version of e-Ink.

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Future iPads may come with an external display using EPD technology


Kuo said the EPD technology that Apple is testing can be used as an external display for Apple’s folding device because of its energy-saving capabilities. This promises to usher in a future for iPads with an always-on external display that could appear to display basic information like the time or notifications. In addition, Mr. Kuo also expects another interesting device experience with this screen technology.

According to Mr. Kuo, the folded part on the main screen of the folding device will use another technology to display the main content with much better display quality than the original. e-Ink.

It is known that Kuo’s Twitter account started working again in March 2022. Since then, he has posted his reports and predictions on Twitter instead of releasing notes to investors as before. While Kuo’s notes are often highly accurate based on information from the supply chain, his tweets are less accurate.

Recently, Mr. Kuo also made a prediction that Apple will release iPhone Fold in 2023, although he believes the device’s screen will offer QHD+ resolution instead of e-Ink as reported recently.

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