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Beautiful eSports MCs at SEA Games 31

Although considered “late birth”, eSports – e-sports has been asserting its position. The clearest evidence is that the attention of the public to this sport at the 31st SEA Games is not inferior to traditional sports.

And in addition to the national team, many people also pay special attention to female eSports MCs. These are all familiar characters in the game village because they are both beautiful and have smart and skillful leadership.

MC Minh Nghi

First of all to mention “female pearl” of eSports Tran Nguyen Minh Nghi – MC Toc Chien. At this year’s SEA Games, Minh Nghi scored in the hearts of the audience with a series of photos wearing a traditional ao dai when leading. Besides that The moment the female MC burst into tears Because of the emotion when Vietnam Wild Rift won the gold medal, it also left a strong impression.

Minh Nghi is charming in ao dai

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Before appearing at the SEA Games, Minh Nghi was extremely famous on social media and loved by gamers. Because in addition to her expertise, she also has a lovely, lovely appearance and a gentle, easy-to-listen voice. She also took on the role of MC for League of Legends tournaments.

And yet, the “pearl” of eSports also has a cute love story with Bomman – caster (BLV) and streamer Mai Nam Hai of the game CS: GO. Minh Nghi also freely revealed that he was the one who actively confessed to Bomman. Not long ago, the two publicized their marriage registration photos and received many blessings from fans.

All about the eSports female pearls at SEA Games 31 - Photo 3.

Husband and wife Minh Nghi and Bomman

Some pictures of Minh Nghi’s daily life

MC Thao Trang

The second character who is also very popular with netizens is Ngo Thao Trang (SN 1999) – MC PUBG Mobile. She has 4 years of experience as MC for big shows and PUBG Mobile tournaments in Vietnam.

That’s how experienced it is, but Thao Trang also said that she couldn’t help but be touched when she saw it Vicoi Phan Van Dong – Vietnam’s PUBG Mobile representative won gold. At the time of chanting Vietnam, the female MC had to repeatedly remind herself that “Don’t cry”.

All about the eSports female pearls at SEA Games 31 - Photo 6.

Thao Trang and Minh Nghi “touch” ao dai when leading the SEA Games

Before that, Thao Trang also received a lot of love in the game village when she appeared as an MC. Because in each match, fans can not only admire the top-notch performance of the players, but also see the beautiful MC with inspiring and highly professional leadership.

Present Thao Trang is a student at Hanoi Law University.

Some pictures of Thao Trang

MC Phuong Thao

Vu Phuong Thao (SN 1997) – MC FIFA Online 4 and Lien Quan Mobile at SEA Games 31 are also familiar faces in the eSports world. During the two days of competition in these two disciplines, she received many compliments for her professional leadership, bringing comfort to both athletes and fans.

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MC Phuong Thao and colleagues at the Free Fire stage

It is known that Phuong Thao is currently one of the young and promising MCs of VTV. She is noticed with her sunny smile, confident and energetic way of leading through shows like VTV Connect, Love Moments, Born from the Village,…

By the end of 2021, Phuong Thao is married to Duc Liz – a powerful figure in the world of eSports in Viet Nam. The two fell in love after working together and were likened to the golden couple of Lien Quan village.

Phuong Thao is working at VTV

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Wedding photo of Phuong Thao – Duc Liz

MC Minh Anh

The last “pink ball” is Nguyen Minh Anh (SN 1998) – MC Free Fire. This is the subject with the most spectacular stage in the e-sports group at the National Convention Center, female MCs are even more noticed. And not ashamed of the “Queen of Free Fire”, she has completed her task well.

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All about the female eSports gem at SEA Games 31 - Photo 12.

Minh Anh (left) and Phuong Thao (right) at SEA Games 31

Before that Minh Anh made an impression on the Vietnamese gaming community thanks to both expertise and extremely beautiful appearance. After nearly 3 years with Free Fire, The girl born in 1998 has conquered the Vietnamese game village with a sunny smile and positive energy every time it airs.

Minh Anh’s beautiful beauty

Photo: Synthesis


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