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Branded real estate

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Perspective of a branded apartment in the Grand Marina Saigon project recently purchased by Ha Anh Tuan. Source: Grand Marina Saigon

Brand attraction

Branded real estate is simply defined as real estate associated with a famous brand. This brand will bring their signature stamp to the project. It could be a service or a utility if it’s a hotel brand, or a design if it’s a lifestyle brand.

As the cradle of luxury real estate, the US is where these “branded goods” are most sought after by superstars. These include model Cindy Crawford, who bought a Ritz-Carlton apartment in Miami, or producer of the movie “The Rich Asians” Sydney Kimmel, who also owned a Ritz-Carlton apartment in New York. Each transaction of these artists has a shocking price, up to tens of millions of dollars.

In Vietnam, this concept is still quite new, but the Vbiz world has quickly “catching the trend”. In May 2021, the couple Dong Nhi – Ong Cao Thang “showed off” the JW Marriott branded apartment on social media.It is known that this apartment also has a record price of up to 15,000 USD/m2, at a middle-class project. Center of District 1, Ho Chi Minh City Or recently, singer Ha Anh Tuan also confirmed the purchase of a Marriott penthouse at the same project.

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Ha Anh Tuan’s future house owns a prime location along the Saigon River, located in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City. Source: Grand Marina Saigon

With high-end brands with a long history such as Chanel, Dior in the fashion field, Ferrari, Bugatti, and Marriott supercars, and Ritz-Carlton in the resort industry, their customer portraits have been created. and recognized globally, to the extent that owning the products of these brands is enough to impress and indirectly affirm the owner’s style.

Moreover, with expensive prices, branded goods are the pride, a symbol of the owner’s status and success. The fact that stars in the entertainment industry buy branded goods is also a way they are showing their upward steps in their careers and fame.

In addition, branded real estate also brings the values ​​of services and utilities that busy artists will need. For example, at Grand Marina, Saigon, Marriott’s professional “butlers” team can take care of the highest quality from tasks such as door-to-door delivery to À La Carte services such as air ticket booking. , babysitting, even house party. If on tour, artists can rest assured that their home is well taken care of by a team of butlers, ready to welcome them home at any time.

Sustainable asset value

Successful and wealthy people, including artists, have always considered real estate as a channel of wealth, and luxury real estate as the safest and most sustainable asset, thanks to its prime location. , unsurpassed build quality, and the endorsement of a reputable brand.

Branded real estate is often located in the most prime locations in major cities, so the value of this type of property always increases over time. With the endorsement of famous global brands, there is “a market average price difference of 31% compared to unbranded luxury real estate”, according to Savills (2020).

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Property magnate Nick Candy recently sold his branded One Hyde Park apartment for £160m – a record for the price of a UK apartment.

In August 2021, according to the South Florida Business Journal, a penthouse at The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Sunny Isles Beach was transferred after 4 months and almost doubled in value, from $15.83 million to $31 million. – equivalent to a price of about 54,500 USD/m2 (1 billion 241 million/m2).

Demonstrations of the sustainable legacy of luxury real estate around the world continue to attract “financially low-time” buyers, including successful entertainers in the entertainment industry. international and Vietnamese, to this segment.

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