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Clarified the case of Miss stealing billions of watches from the giant lover

La Thi Anh, also known as La Ky Anh – Miss Vietnamese in the US in 2018, admitted that she stole a billion-dollar watch to pledge for 1 billion VND to settle debt due to virtual currency investment.

The Ho Chi Minh City Police Department has just completed the investigation conclusion and transferred the file to the People’s Procuracy of the same level to propose the prosecution of La Thi Anh (32 years old, a native of Hanoi, living in District 7) for the crime of “Theft of property.” “.

It is known that La Thi Anh, whose stage name is La Ky Anh, was once crowned Miss Vietnam Continents 2018 (ie Miss World Vietnamese in the US). After that, La Ky Anh also did business in many fields such as: Real estate, study abroad consulting, cuisine…

kieu nu danh trao dong ho rolex tien ty cua nguoi tinh dai gia 1 1482
La Thi Anh, also known as La Ky Anh, is Miss Vietnam World in the US in 2018, and is proposed to be prosecuted for the crime of “Theft of property”. Photo: CACC

According to the conclusion of the investigation, in August 2021 through social networks, La Ky Anh got to know Mr. Nguyen Minh T. (25 years old, living in District 3).

After a while of chatting online, Mr. T. went to play at La Ky Anh’s house in Sunrise City apartment, District 7. For the first time, Mr. T gave gifts and invited the beauty to his house on Vo Van street. Qin, District 3 play.

The second time we met, La Ky Anh slept at Mr. T’s house. During the conversation, Mr. T boasted about the branded watches displayed in the room, including a Rolex Daytona, worth $90,000 (approx. 2 billion dong).

On the third meeting, there was a conflict between the two, so they decided to break up.

At this time, Lu Qi Ying’s mind arose greed and made a plan. Taking advantage of the time when Mr. T was fast asleep, La Ky Anh used his phone to take pictures of the watch mentioned above.

kieu nu danh trao dong ho rolex tien ty cua nguoi tinh dai gia 1484
The Rolex Daytona brand watch worth about 2 billion VND that La Ky Anh swapped for his young lover. Photo: CACC

Through another person, La Ky Anh managed to find and buy a “fake” watch for 13.5 million VND, which looks exactly like the Rolex Daytona brand watch.

On September 11, Mr. T actively contacted to apologize and invite La Ky Anh to come over to play. Staying that night, taking advantage of Mr. T’s sleep, La Ky Anh smuggled fake goods, took a branded watch and left the next morning.

La Ky Anh drove straight to the house of Mr. TVT (32 years old, living in Phu Nhuan district) to help appraise the stolen watch. VT, through someone else, quoted La Ky Anh as 80,000 USD, but then this beauty decided to only take the watch for 1 billion VND.

Having money, Lu Ky Anh used it to pay off debt because he borrowed money to invest in virtual money.

4 days later, Mr. T. discovered that he had lost his precious watch, so he reported it to the police. The police investigated and discovered that someone had taken a photo of the watch and showed it on social media.

The person who posted the picture showing off the watch declared, was sent a picture by a friend, who is a watch milker, so he posted it on the internet… gossiping. Following the traces, the police clearly determined that VT, after pledging the watch from La Ky Anh, took it to be serviced and polished.

As a result of the investigation, the police arrested and prosecuted Lu Ky Anh for the crime of “Theft of property”.

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