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Coach Polking: ‘I have created a team with great tactics’

Beat Indonesia U.23 to enter the men’s soccer final SEA Games 31, Coach Polking proud to say that he created Thailand U.23 with great play and tactics.

Perhaps the victory against Indonesia U.23 made Coach Polking spend a lot of effort, the coach of U.23 Thailand had to hold a press conference while eating a pack of cookies.

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Coach Polking eats cookies to gain strength for the press conference

Le Tan

Talking about the match that just happened, coach Polking said that the players played with the intention that he had prepared. “We played with style and showed everyone how strong we are. I have created a team with great tactics. I believe we won because we played well. I am proud of it. his players”.

Talking more about consecutively beating Indonesia, coach Polking said: “We always fight, train hard. We have many quality players, even. In fact, Indonesia also has many players. quality and you will continue to improve.”

Coach Polking also said that the teams participating in the tournament were all very good. “The teams are all very advanced, choosing many good players, not only Vietnam, Indonesia but also Laos and Cambodia also. Especially when in Nam Dinh, I find the football atmosphere so wonderful, this is the best condition for football development. Managers need to be held accountable for that. How the Southeast Asian teams can win against Japan and Iran is worth talking about.”

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U.23 Indonesia has caused many difficulties for U.23 Thailand

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When asked by a reporter about Khemdee player’s temper, often participating in controversies, coach Polking did not think so and defended his students: “I think he played well, he is a center. defend and need to do everything to protect the team.”

Explaining the loss, coach Shin Tea-yong said that his team lacked a very important player, captain Asnawwi, which not only affected the gameplay but also affected the spirit of the whole team. The coach of U.23 Indonesia thinks that both his players need to look back and improve in the coming time.

Coach Shin Tea-yong also assessed that Indonesia also has many opportunities as well as U.23 Thailand, but unfortunately his team could not take advantage and lost.

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Coach Shin Tea-yong was quite calm despite losing the match

Le Tan

In the last minutes of the match, U.23 Indonesia had to receive 3 red cards, however, coach Shin Tea-yong did not complain about the referee’s work. “Besides, I’m not happy with the players getting cards, they shouldn’t be. It doesn’t show morale. sport“, coach Shin Tea-yong shared.

When asked about the comparison of strength between Thailand U.23 team and U.23 VietnamCoach Shin Tea-yong refused to answer.

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