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Convenience store perched on a cliff in China

According to Insider, a small convenience store is located on a high vertical cliff in Shiniuzhai National Geopark (Hunan province, China). This place is built from wooden boards, only about 2m2 wide.

The shop mainly sells bottled water and snacks for those who are climbing. If you want to go to a convenience store, you have to climb about 120m. As a result, it was dubbed the “most inconvenient” convenience store in the world.

Convenience store perched on a cliff in China - Photo 1.

Convenience store about 2m2 wide perched on the cliff, specializing in selling snacks and drinks to those who are climbing. Photo: Weibo

Pictures of the store attracted special attention from Chinese netizens after some news agencies reported it, with the hashtag “most inconvenient convenience store”.

On Weibo, the post about the convenience store received nearly 50 million views. The people who work at this particular store have become a problem that many netizens are concerned about.

“The sales people are definitely very healthy and have a toned body when they have to climb up and down the workplace every day,” a Weibo user left a comment.

China Central Television CCTV said the convenience store was opened in 2018 but had to close recently due to the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic.

When it was open, the store stocked drinks and some snacks, including french fries. The prices of the items are very affordable, a bottle of water is sold for about 2NDT (about 6,800 VND).

Sharing with CCTV, an employee of the store said: “The store doesn’t make much profit, but the visitors are all very appreciative, so we feel our work is extremely meaningful.”

Due to the small space inside, the store can only accommodate one person. One of the staff’s duties was to replenish stock before dawn each day.

“The new employees were all a little scared doing this for the first time but they adapted very quickly. Going to the bathroom was the only problem. Climbing down to go to the bathroom and then back up was really tiring so so we try not to drink too much water,” store staff revealed.

Shiniuzhai National Geopark is one of the famous scenic tourist attractions in China, known for its vertical cliffs, waterfalls and climbing trails.

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