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Convenience store ‘world’s most inconvenient’

Recently, a convenience store located “hanging” on a high vertical cliff 120m above the ground in China has become a hot topic of discussion among netizens.

Photos of the store went viral after several newspapers reported that the “most inconvenient convenience store” had received nearly 50 million views on Chinese social media.

One social media user commented: “The store’s employees have a hard time climbing up and down their ‘office’ every day.

Located in Thach Niu Trai tourist area, Binh Giang district, Yueyang city, Hunan province (China). The store has an area of ​​about 2m2 and can only accommodate one person. According to China’s CCTV channel, the shop specializes in providing drinks and some dishes such as french fries to climbers. The price here is reasonable, a bottle of water is about 2 yuan (about 7,000 VND).

“The store doesn’t make much profit, but it is stimulated by tourists. So we feel our work is very meaningful,” an employee of the store shared with Insider.

The most inconvenient convenience store in the world has an area of ​​only one person, to buy goods, you have to climb to a height of 120m - Photo 1.

The store became a hot topic of discussion

The shop is assembled by a series of wooden planks, supported by steel bars, below is a deep cliff about 120m high. From a distance, it looks like a hot block of air conditioning on a high wall. To ensure safety, the shop is not open on rainy days, devices such as safety hand locks are also installed to ensure safety, mountaineers can use safety locks to fix themselves on cable car when shopping.

Supplying goods to the store is not an easy task. Every day, they have to carry water and food across the suspension bridge, then climb up to the convenience store first, then use ropes to pull things up.

After delivering the goods, they will stay there all day, waiting to serve the passing guests. According to the salesman, the most difficult thing for employees here is the problem of going to the toilet. “It’s exhausting having to climb down and climb up again to use the restroom, so we try not to drink too much water.”

The most inconvenient convenience store in the world has an area of ​​only one person, to buy goods must climb to a height of 120m - Photo 2.

The store can only accommodate one person

In addition to sales purposes, when mountain tourists ask for help, the store’s staff can also immediately rescue. The store’s employees are all professional climbing instructors aged 25-26.

Regarding the popularity of this ‘most inconvenient convenience store’, these salespeople share that the store is not meant to make money but more like a refueling station. Many visitors appreciate how this arrangement makes their work even more meaningful.

Shi Niuzhai is an AAAA national scenic spot (5A is the highest grade) in China. The scenic spot is currently open, but the convenience store is temporarily closed due to the epidemic. If you want to experience this service, you may need to wait a little longer.

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