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Eating industrial chicken eggs or chicken eggs is more nutritious? The answer surprised many people

Assoc.Prof.Dr.Nguyen Duy Thinh

Eggs are a nutritious food, providing a lot of good nutrients for the body and used by many people. TS.BS Nguyen Trong Hung (National Institute of Nutrition) said, many people ask the doctor that: Of all types of eggs, which eggs are the most nutritious? Are pregnant women advised to eat goose eggs because goose eggs are the most nutritious?

According to Dr. Hung, there will be no exact answers to the above questions, because in fact each type of egg has certain advantages in terms of nutritional value, but in general, chicken eggs have a high nutritional value. the most balanced nutritional value and the most commonly used.

Even with chicken eggs, there are differences in nutritional value if compared specifically between industrial chicken eggs and domestic chicken eggs. For a long time, many people still believe that the eggs we eat are the most nutritious, the best, but the reality is not necessarily true.

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Industrial chicken eggs usually have a lower price than domestic chicken eggs. (Illustration)

According to the quantification of nutritional value from the National Institute of Nutrition, an industrial chicken egg has superior nutritional values ​​compared to a domestic chicken egg (the weight of 2 eggs is basically equal). Specifically:

An industrial boiled egg provides 67kcal of energy; Protein 5.8g; Lipid 4.7g; Glucose 0.4g; Calcium 26 mg; Iron 1.27mg; Sodium 74mg; Potassium 83 mg; Zinc 0.42mg; Cholesterol 221mg.

One boiled egg provides 57kcal of energy; Protein 5.1g; Lipid 4.0g; Glucid 0.2g; Vitamin A 27mg; Calcium 19 mg; Iron 0.9mg; Sodium 61.2mg; Potassium 68.1 mg; Zinc 0.31mg; Cholesterol 206.4mg.

Comparative results show that almost all of the nutritional components of industrial chicken eggs are higher than that of domestic chicken eggs. Only the vitamin A content in industrial chicken eggs is almost zero, while domestic chicken eggs outperformed with 27mg.

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In comparison, the nutritional content of industrial chicken eggs is slightly higher than that of domestic chicken eggs. (Illustration)

Despite having a higher nutritional content, many people believe that it is still safer to eat chicken eggs than industrial chicken eggs, especially the problem of antibiotic residues, because industrial chickens eat industrial feed or Too many antibiotic injections.

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Duy Thinh (Food Technology Expert) said that in urban areas, most people eat industrial eggs, while chicken eggs are mainly in rural areas where there are conditions. grazing event. As for which eggs are safer, Mr. Thinh said that this is very difficult to determine or draw accurate conclusions.

“If chickens are injected with antibiotics, raised with industrial feed mixed with antibiotics, the risk of antibiotic residues and weight gainers is completely possible. As for industrial chickens, if raised according to the correct procedures, they are still safe. Therefore, the management and control of the authorities is very important,” Mr. Thinh said.

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Whether industrial chicken eggs or chicken eggs, we should choose the type of clear origin to ensure safety. (Illustration)

According to Mr. Thinh, whether it is a ga or an industrial chicken, if the breeder mixes antibiotics into the food, the chicken itself also has antibiotic residues, then the eggs laid will also have residues. Therefore, the best way is to buy eggs, especially industrial chicken eggs, where the brand is clearly marked.

Normally, an egg is considered clean and safe must ensure the main conditions: Clean input, clean hens, fully vaccinated and advanced breeding process with the supervision of animal officials. professional medicine.

In addition, when buying eggs, it is advisable to choose those with a clean and fresh outer shell from the frozen stall area. Do not buy eggs that are heavily soiled, cracked or have holes in them as they can be contaminated with very dangerous bacteria.

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